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The Boy Who Fell to Earth, by A. Zukowski
Books EW Elaine White November 16, 2019 1027
Bittersweet Romance
  POV: 1st person, dual character

 The Boy Who Fell From Earth is a heart-wrenching, bittersweet romance about a boy who believes he's too broken to love and the boy who can't stop loving him. With heart, realism, a dash of romance and a whole host of emotional upheaval, the story unravels a journey of self-discovery, of self-belief and portrays a young man who never thought he could be saved ultimately saving himself.

 Told in an autobiographical style, recalling memories rather than living them, with a hint of hindsight thrown in, The Boy Who Fell to Earth is an anomaly in the MM genre. Very few stories are told in this style, but the story benefits from it, and – unlike a lot of other 1st person narratives, where you can often feel like an outsider and that you're missing important events – the style and the structure perfectly suit the story being told.

 The story tackles some seriously heavy issues – not only prostitution, minors working as prostitutes, and homelessness, but the kidnap and selling of the underage into sexual slavery. Yet, the MC isn't even 18 yet and the author does a spectacular job of trying not to provide too much explicit detail about the constant sexual antics within the plot, to keep it age appropriate. There is heavy drug use and self-hatred, which is unavoidable, but the true story lies within Sasha's strength and resilience.

 There's so much I want to say, but I feel like I'd be spoiling the story by mentioning it. So, all I can say is that the book was a beautiful journey. The first half could have been a book on its own and I wouldn't have argued about it. It had everything a novel needed. But the second half was what made that HEA possible. At times it was frightening how naive and sheltered Jay was, while at others, he was the strength that helped keep Sasha going. Reading Sasha's statement made me cry, and I was on tenderhooks from the moment he went off the rails until the resolution at the end.

 All in all, the book was a journey and, though I've already read Liam for Hire, I will be reading it again, and following that up with a first read of Blue Jay. Because, if Zukowski knows how to write anything, it's a story that proves no one is ever truly so broken they can't be fixed.


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 “Everything about him put me at peace with myself and warmed me bone-deep. We told each other things that we'd never utter to another soul.”
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