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The Blue Poets – Self-Titled

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Master guitarist Marcus Deml, known for his band Errorhead and winner of American Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Hero award, presents the debut album of his new band The Blue Poets: Blues-soaked 70s rock heavy with testosterone in the here and now.

Being guitarist, producer and songwriter in personal union, Marcus Deml had already looked back on a successful career as studio- and tour musician before concentrating on being bandleader of the highly regarded Errorhead for several years and now of his new blues rock band The Blue Poets.

“It was an important experience for me to meet the challenges of most different musical genres.” Saga, Kingdom Come, Toto singer Bobby Kimball, bassist Billy Sheehan, Grooveminister, Saga singer Michael Sadler, Phil’s son Simon Collins, rock legend Carmine Appice and American Idol juror Randy Jackson a just a short excerpt of Marcus’ résumé. Over time, he has contributed to more than 300 studio productions.

“This album is my therapy”

With The Blue Poets, Deml has returned to his musical roots and, on the side, founded his own record label Triple Coil Music.

“I wanted to go back to blues-soaked rock that smells like testosterone and hits right in the guts. I had to process 2 years full of losses and legal disputes. This album is my therapy.”

All tracks were recorded live and mixed on analog tape at the renowned Toolhouse Studio: “No tricks, no corrections, no computers.” Of course, that was only possible with the proper band chemistry.

The Australian background of Blue Poets singer Gordon Grey was, along with his exceptional voice, an important criterion. You just need a native speaker for English-speaking rock music, otherwise it can easily get ridiculous. The icing on the cake is how well all get along and how greatly our music benefits from that.”

Drummer Felix Dehmel and I know each other since he was 15. With only 22 years and partially due to his 2 years stay in New York, he’s grown into a super drummer who, tremendous technical skills aside, always plays for the song.  Last but not least basser Phil Steen. His groove is just outstanding.

One can actually hear that: the result is an earthy blues rock album in best 70s tradition with hooky songs full of energy and a spirit of optimism.

Marcus Deml and The Blue Poets are endorsed by: Fender Guitars, Kloppmann pickups, D’Addario, Klotz cables, Glockenklang, Deeflexx High-end sound-deflection system, Rheingold, Stetson, Ruokangas and Harvest Fine Leather.



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