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The Best Type of Holidays to Go on in Scotland

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Scotland is a criminally underrated holiday location in the United Kingdom. Most people will travel down South to bask on overcrowded beaches and visit tourist traps which charade as cute coastal towns. In doing so, they miss out on all the beauty and culture Scotland has to offer. If you’re thinking of changing pace and visiting the highlands soon, we highly recommend you do. But you might be wondering; what type of holiday would make the most out of your trip to Scotland? To help you with this problem we’ve made a list of all the best ways to travel around the highlands. Here they are:


We imagine if you’re attracted to Scotland, you’re attracted to adventure, too. The highlands are a sprawling wilderness, wreathed in folklore and mystery. This makes them perfect for camping – particularly if you’re someone who wants to get in touch with nature or loves the idea of going on an exciting expedition. One particularly popular way to go about camping in Scotland is to travel across the West Highland Way. This 151km trek has plenty of campsites along the way and you can see all the wild, rugged beauty that the highlands have to offer. Begin your journey in Milngavie (at the edge of Glasgow) and end it in Fort William; hike across mountaintops and moorlands, look out across the Lochs and quintessential Scottish villages. It’s the kind of adventure you’ll never forget having.

Cabins and Lodges

Perhaps you want your holiday to Scotland to be a little more relaxing than a ramble across rocky mountaintops. Have no fear – there are plenty of cozy accommodations to stay in. For example, there are lodges available on the shores of Loch Lomond, and luxury log cabins in the highland hideaway of Eagle Brae. These are perfect if you want serenity and seclusion to appreciate the beauty of Scotland. Depending on where you stay, there will also be different reactional activities around, such as boat trips around the Lochs.


You can combine adventure and comfort by traveling around Scotland in a campervan. Use your four wheels to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. Lose yourself in the winding roads of the moorland; park up on the lapping shores of the Loch Ness; light a fire under the starlight of a highland valley. The possibilities are endless. Search for Campervan Rental Scotland or find a dealer to buy one and find the perfect vehicle for your adventure.

Island Hopping

Mainland Scotland isn’t the only place you can holiday. You can travel across the great Scottish Isles for your getaway, too. They all have different histories and beauties for you to discover, plus you can usually set up base in a cozy cottage lodging. So, visit the Isle of Arran for pastoral landscapes, then hop on over to the Isle of Skye to marvel at medieval castles. Where you go is up to you.

Scotland is a beautiful country, untouched for the most part by humanity. Have an adventure this summer and see what you can uncover in the wilderness.

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