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The Best Must Do Things in Los Angeles, USA

It’s impossible to visit all Los Angeles attractions in a month. This city has boardwalks, beaches, shopping malls, and theme parks that keep travelers busy throughout their stay. There are endless options to consider when it comes to the things you can do to enjoy memorable travel experiences in this city. Nevertheless, there are things you can’t afford to miss during your trip to Los Angeles. Here are the best must-do things in Los Angeles, USA.

Visit Hollywood

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There is no doubt that Los Angeles is the global entertainment capital. If you are a fan of films, you want to enjoy the ultimate experience by going on a behind-the-scenes tour. For most people, Hollywood is a state of mind. But, the real place exists and it’s a legendary tourist attraction.

Several movie stars live in this city. Los Angeles has many tours that can show you the homes of notable celebrities. Therefore, take your time to go on bus tours that will take you past the homes of the famous and the rich. If you want to avoid crowds and save money when sight-seeing, go on self-guided tours.

Visit the Griffith Observatory and the Griffith Park

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The Griffith Observatory is located to the south of Mount Hollywood, overlooking the Los Angeles Basin. Visitors enjoy impressive views of the area from this attraction. However, this tourist attraction provides more than pretty photo-op. It features a great planetarium and fascinating exhibitions.

When you visit the Griffith Observatory, you enjoy an awesome experience of its beautiful setting. But, you will pay between $3 and $7 if you want to enjoy the planetarium shows. This attraction is open from Tuesday to Friday, starting noon to 10 p.m.

Go to the Los Angeles Beaches

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This city boasts of miles of pristine beaches. All Los Angeles beaches are open to visitors. They form an iconic part that most people associate with this city. The Santa Monica Bay is a stretched-out, C-shaped shoreline with a beachfront that faces west. The coastline in Orange County gives the beaches of this city a south-facing view.

Whether you want to do beach yoga, read a book, or lounge while relaxing, Los Angeles has a perfect spot for you. It has active beaches with quiet, natural spots, volleyball nets, places where you can sleep on the sad or have a meal. You will also find piers jutting out into the ocean. These spots are loved by many surfers from different parts of the world.

One of the must-do things in Los Angeles beaches is walking or running especially in South Bay Beach. There are many active folks in the lively beach towns of Redondo, Manhattan, and Hermosa. You will also spot active folks around beachfront homes.

Visit the Disneyland

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Technically, Disneyland is in Orange County. However, it’s still a major destination for people that travel to Los Angeles. And, as long as you get an ESTA ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) visa, you can travel to Disneyland during your trip to Los Angeles.

The ESTA determines your eligibility to travel to the America under a Visa Waiver Program (VWP). If you come from a Visa Waiver Program country and enter the U.S by sea or air, you need ESTA approval. This includes the infants that are yet to receive the visa for U.S travels. Travelers that fill out and get ESTA form Apply ESTA approved can travel to Disneyland during their Los Angeles trips.

This destination is known for its overall fun factor, friendly employees, and cleanliness. It has an original Anaheim-based theme park. Disneyland is the place where many baby boomers yearned to visit while growing up. It has a landscape that is designed to prevent anything outside from interfering with the experience of visitors. Visit Disneyland, especially if you travel with kids.

Tour the Malibu Coast

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Malibu is known for its exclusivity and wealth. All town beaches in Malibu are public. That means you can travel to this destination even on a budget. If you are looking for a beach spot in Los Angeles where you can swim and sunbathe, Malibu is a perfect destination for you. Malibu beaches are cleaner than the Venice Beach and Santa Monica beaches.

The Zuma Beach in Malibu is particularly considered the finest in Los Angeles. Tourists and locals laud Zuma beach for its ample parking, easy access to snacks at the beachside, and amazing waves. What’s more, there are many bathroom facilities and lifeguard stations along the Zuma beach.

You can spend days, weeks, or months in Los Angeles and still not get enough of it. This city is a travel destination where lasting memories are made. As long as you get an ESTA visa and 90 days of passport validity for the USA, you are bound to enjoy the most memorable experience in Los Angeles. Just take time to research and plan your trip to Los Angeles well and you will enjoy a travel experience you will live to remember.  

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