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The Best Careers for Fitness Fanatics

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Being able to make a living from a passion is a dream for most people. Being able to go to work every day and enjoy every minute of it is, for a lot of people, their goal in life.

Unfortunately, however, this is generally not achieved. Unfortunately, whether it be because the field they are passionate about is too exclusive. Whether it be because they are not willing to work hard enough to achieve it. Or whether it because a need to earn money stopped them from pursuing their passion at the beginning of their adult life. People do not generally make money from what they love doing. But if fitness is your passion in life then you should know there are a host of achievable ways you can pursue it not only as a passion, but as a livelihood too. Below are just a few ways you can do so.

Of course, the first option any fitness fanatics out there can take in their quest to make a living from their passion is to become a fitness instructor. By doing so you would be able to go to the gym every day and keep yourself fit and healthy whilst being paid to do so. Sounds great, right? And it gets better. In this day and age there are routes to take that will train you to become a qualified fitness instructor without having to disrupt your life. Taking an online fitness course learning route will allow you to learn all the basics of being a fitness instructor in your own time. You will learn about how to conduct safe gym-based exercises with clients. You will learn the ins and outs of how to write and deliver a successful program. And you will learn how to successfully convey your knowledge of fitness to others. And you can learn all of this in the comfort of your home as only minimal venue attendance is required. Then, once you are qualified, you need not worry about all the learning you did being put to waste. As a qualified fitness instructor you will never be short on customers because of the fact that more people than ever are now living sedentary lives. You just have to attract your customers in the first place — one way to do so is to offer short taster sessions for free. You should do this until you feel that you are in a position where your customer base is big enough and you don’t need to add to it. And once you are in this comfortable position you will soon realise that a day in the life of a personal trainer is completely different to the day that came before it. You will always face new challenges and new fitness goals with every customer you work with.

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But being a fitness instructor isn’t the only option you can take in your quest to make a living from your love of health. Another option is to enter the world of healthcare provision, specially the world of nursing. As a nurse you would never be short of active challenges to face throughout your working day, meaning you’d never let a sedentary life creep up on you. But most importantly, you would have medical advice and knowledge on tap. You’d have the knowledge to be able to know what is good and what is bad for your health. You’d have the knowledge to be able to spot any potential warning signs when it comes to your health. And you’d have the knowledge to be able to know the safe limits of a potentially harmful substance, such as alcohol. But these are just the pros of being a nurse; there are a whole host of cons too. You must know of them all before you dedicate so much of your life to this profession.

And a similar career path that will lead you to attain a great level of fitness — both physically and mentally — is teaching. This is a profession that, like nursing, will mean you are going to be on your feet a lot of the time, especially if you are a teacher of sport. But you don’t have to just be a sports teacher to benefit from the health benefits of teaching. Your mental health will also be given a workout every single day too. You would be thinking every day. You would have a load of remembering to do in regards to lessons and students. And you would even be learning as you explore new subjects and ways to teach. As you faced these aspects of teaching every day your brain would be kept ticking over at all times. And this is pivotal if you want to give your brain the best chance of fighting diseases such as dementia later in life.


So, if you don’t want to be sedentary in your work any longer. If you want to be able to keep fit and follow your passion during your working hours. Then don’t be afraid to turn your dreams of keeping fit for a living into a reality. But you’ll have to move quickly because, before you know it, it will become harder for you to remain fit. And when this happens, it will be harder for you to make a living from it as well.


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