The Benefits Of Learning A New Skill While Retired

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Though the word ‘retirement’ may evoke a desire to sit back and relax for the rest of eternity, many older people are choosing to spend life post-employment learning and crafting new skills instead. Today, we’ll take a look at all the benefits of ditching daytime TV and tranquility in favor of learning an exciting new skill while retired – proving that age really is just a number.

A cure for boredom

Many of us look forward to our days of retirement, dreaming every Monday morning of the days when we never have to leave the comfort and warmth of our duvets – but the truth of the matter is that doing nothing can get boring pretty quickly.

Retirement can become a little monotonous, with many retirees struggling with the lack of structure and direction that comes with post-work life. While group activities such as bingo and bowls are specifically targeted at older people, having nothing to pass the time while alone can have a significant negative impact on a person’s mental health. Learning a new skill – a practice that takes time and effort – is, therefore, a great solution to this problem, keeping you entertained and helping you to set goals and targets to work towards each day.

The health benefits

As the saying goes, use it or you’ll lose it. Learning a new skill during your retirement is a great way to keep the brain ticking, ensuring you stay physically and mentally healthy for as long as possible.

The Alzheimer’s Association actively promotes brain-stimulating activities as a form of protection against the risk of mental illnesses. Brain stimulation is most effective in new environments, thus making learning a new skill the perfect solution. No matter what skill you decide to learn, the process of studying the fundamental principles of a new skill and then consistently expanding upon them, in order to perfect the craft, pushes the mind beyond the comforts of familiarity – delivering long-term mental benefits.

Alternatively, picking a new skill that involves physical activity has obvious physical health benefits. Physical activity is a valuable part of a wellness regime for a body of any age, but it can have particularly significant health impacts during the later stages of life. Whatever the intensity, focusing on learning a new physical skill during retirement can have a hugely influential impact on your overall health, which should be valued more than ever during your retirement years.

A potential source of income

Choosing to learn a skill that brings with it the potential of financial gain is never a bad idea and can save you from having to rely on that (often restrictive) pension.

Trading markets offer a great opportunity to learn a new skill while potentially making money in the process. From stock to forex, anyone can try their hand on the trading markets in today’s digital age without having to leave the comfort of their favorite armchair.

From the moment you make the decision to learn to trade, you’ll begin reaping the benefits of the mental stimulation and independent entertainment discussed earlier in this post – with additional perks including the potential to make a little extra cash to fund that next vacation abroad. However, it’s important to bear in mind that these markets bring financial risks you should be fully aware of prior to taking the leap – so remember to invest sensibly based on an affordable budget, should you choose to do so.


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With the right attitude, retirement can be just the beginning of the fun – to learn a new skill starting now and begin reaping the rewards today.

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