The Band Siren Reveal their New Single “High Wire,” a Metaphor on the Music Industry

Written by Aiden Faire

The band Siren used to be a heavy metal band in the 1980’s formed by Rob Phillips. In 1986, the band signed to a German record label and recorded their first full length album, No Place Like Home. It was released to Europe and gained popular favor of metal fans throughout the continent. But before the band gained any other traction, Rob left the group due to creative differences. The band was leaning too heavily into the heavy metal genre and Rob leaned more musically progressive.

Decades later, Phillips reformed the band in 2005 with drummer and engineer Mike Cupino, adding new members in 2007 to round out the band. They released an album later that year entitled Don’t Mind, and in 2009, released the album You Never Noticed. The band took a hiatus after that, and then upon urging by their fans, re-grouped years later to record new songs.

They just released their single “High Wire” from their upcoming album Beyond the Rainbow. It has a classic mainstream rock sound, much like Led Zeppelin or Foo Fighters. The song was written around a metaphor of the music industry, commenting on how attractive it is as an outsider, but once you’re in it, it’s rough terrain.

“On the surface it is about a clown in love with the High Wire girl and the great lengths he will go to win her love,” shares Rob Phillips. “The reality is about a musician (Clown) who is trying to reach fame with the record labels (High Wire Girl) above and out of reach. At the end he succeeds and walks away from the record labels with the line ‘A Clown without a Tear’ or the clown gets the Girl.”

It’s one of the more impressive songs in the classic rock genre. The lyrics aren’t out of reach and the melody is catchy with a beat that immediately grabs your attention. Siren is definitely making a music comeback and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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