The Andropause: Understanding The Male Affliction

While we are all aware of the menopause, there is significantly less discussion about the andropause. This is a syndrome caused by a decrease in testosterone levels. This can happen to men as they get older, and while not all men can suffer from this, the symptoms can affect men in their daily lives. So what is it, and how can we cope with this?

What Is It?

Also known as the male menopause, the andropause can results in a decreased amount of testosterone levels after the age of 30. Approximately, 1% of testosterone depletes every year, and the andropause can start around the age of 50. It’s not something that happens to every man, but if you hit the age of 70, it’s likely that testosterone levels will have decreased by 50% in comparison to what you had in your 20s. There can also be premature andropause, which can be caused by poor lifestyle habits or even steroid abuse.

Signs And Symptoms

There is a variety of them in men. Psychologically, there could be mood changes, irritability, insomnia, lack of concentration, as well as a lack of interest in sex. In a physiological sense, there could be a lack of energy, circulatory problems, weight gain, or even breast growth. As you can see, there are quite a few symptoms to be aware of.

Diagnosis And Treatment

If you are concerned that your testosterone levels are low, you can take a blood test. But unless it’s causing difficulties in your daily life, it’s possible to manage the symptoms without any form of treatment. There are a few simple guidelines to improve your lifestyle and improve your testosterone, but as men can be ashamed to discuss these issues, it’s important that we start to speak up about these things. There are medical treatments that could help, such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and it’s worth discussing this with a health professional before going down this avenue.

Living With The Andropause

Lifestyle changes can make all the difference. As your symptoms relate to body functions, eating a healthy diet and reducing processed foods can help in many ways. Regular physical activity, especially weight training can help to improve your mood and help to increase testosterone. It’s also vital that you minimize your stress. As stress and anxiety can make your symptoms worse, it’s about balancing out a bad lifestyle with healthier habits. You can learn relaxation techniques like breathing or mindfulness to improve your willpower.

As living with this condition can be very inhibiting, if you feel that it’s getting you down, it’s important to seek help. Counseling or psychotherapy can help to improve your attitude to the condition. As it’s something not regularly spoken of, the andropause can seem like a very intimidating thing. But if you are diagnosed with this, it won’t stop you living the life you want. It’s all about understanding the condition, controlling the symptoms, and not letting it get you down. It doesn’t happen to every man, but if you have these concerns, or have any symptoms associated with it, it’s important to speak up.

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