The Americans Share a Beautiful New Take on Americana within Their New EP “Strays”

Written by Aiden Faire

The Americans breathe new life into Americana, with an EP release that stands the test of time, notably, from the very first note played. They draw inspiration from a broad spectrum of sounds and styles, deftly blending complex tones and textures into their music. This intricate and multifaceted nature warrants a closer, more nuanced exploration.

“Strays,” a compact yet astonishing collection of five songs, serves as a powerful testament to the band’s ability to captivate listeners and demand their focused attention. In these tracks, The Americans not only make a compelling case for their musical prowess but also demonstrate that they are artists deserving of a broader audience. While their music may maintain a foothold in the expansive terrain of country music, they simultaneously extend their creative reach to explore a multitude of other musical landscapes. Their willingness to experiment and traverse sonic territories that pique their interest exemplifies their musical fearlessness.

The opening track, “When You Get Back,” defies a simple categorization within the country genre. It stands as an anthemic, dynamic, and soaring composition, traversing a broad spectrum from soothing, contemplative lows to breathtaking, triumphant crescendos. Its sonic range evokes expansiveness while bearing a reassuring weight, exemplifying the band’s ability to infuse their music with multifaceted emotions and energies.

“Land of The Free” offers an unvarnished and forthright perspective, perhaps even subversive, on the American Dream. In a fashion akin to artists like Springsteen and Steve Earle, who illuminate the darker facets of American society, this track fuses elements of indie-folk and understated Americana. It delves into thought-provoking subject matter, inviting listeners to explore its intricate layers of storytelling.

“William (For Leadbelly)” showcases the band’s adeptness at navigating slow-burning musical journeys, seamlessly transitioning between melodic subtlety and intense musical passages. As it progresses, it adds layers of sonic complexity, oscillating between moods and dynamics, combining strength with emotional depth.

“I Belong To You” is a striking exemplar of the band’s capacity to craft songs that are simultaneously tender and impactful. It stands as a love song that transcends clichés, conveying its message with unfiltered honesty and relatability. This heartfelt and authentic approach adds a layer of emotional depth to the album’s repertoire.

“Kingdom” serves as the grand finale, initiating with unassuming beginnings and subsequently evolving through significant dynamic shifts and potent musical passages. This track encapsulates the band’s musical prowess, incorporating their signature elements that set them apart. It provides the perfect culmination to the album, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of The Americans’ artistry.

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By Aiden Faire Music Reviewer
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