The Alpha’s Weave by C. M. Torrens

Shapeshifters have captured my attention for a very long time. The ability to turn from one normal looking person into monster or animal, has always fascinated me.

I think it’s the idea of the primal side being let loose is what draws me. The instinctive needs coming to surface and becoming front and center. What would one think about if one was a beast, especially a pack animal? It’s an interesting question. The desire to protect and defend, the need to be a part of a family unit, and thrive in the world would be key to the survival of the pack and the individual, but what if we took the whole aspect of pack and gave it a little twist. Perhaps changing it as a part of the whole instinctual need, making it stronger through evolutionary mandate and making it something that both an alpha and a pack absolutely needs in order to survive. What happens to a group of shapeshifters that are actually woven together in a mental weave that makes them one?

These are the shifters in the world of the Pack Born.

Welcome to my world, I hope you like what you see.

The Alpha's Weave

Pack Born Book 1


After years of abuse in his old shifter pack, Dante found a new life with Alpha Victor.

He would do anything for Victor. Anything but stay away from Jesse, the half-blood stray. But when Victor names Dante his heir, he has no choice but to accept the duties given to him even if it means relinquishing the possibility of love. He owes his life and sanity to Victor, and that’s a debt Dante can never fully repay.

But Dante should have known the good life couldn’t last. His former alpha, Caster, is not a male who lets anything of value slip through his grasp. When rumors fly of Caster’s return, Dante knows the man will stop at nothing to possess him and his talent once again. When Jesse is kidnapped and Victor falls victim to an untimely death, his worst fears are realized. His old alpha has finally returned to reclaim him. Dante must use his fears and nightmares to save Jesse and his pack, even if it means sacrificing himself.

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Dante moved into the common room. Massive plants hung around window frames and stood in corners. The large open area was divided up into sections for entertainment, reading, and a small desk area for work. The space allowed all of the pack to sit around comfortably without getting in each other’s way.

Nicky, Tristan’s twin, sat at Victor’s feet in front of the couch. Dante shot him a quick growl and flashed his canines. Nicky jumped out of the way, and Dante curled up on the couch with Victor. He outranked Nicky; he was entitled to Victor’s attention first.

He laid his head on Victor’s lap and cuddled close. As he let his mind wander, the warmth of the pack weave tickled at the edge of his senses, a gentle pulse in rhythm with Victor’s heartbeat. He focused on the weave’s sweet hum as it vibrated in his bones. A muted song of family, each member in harmony and Victor at its center, giving life to them all.

He let his mind snuggle closer to the weave to bathe in the warmth that held the pack together as one. Victor’s sense responded with an added rush. A tingling sensation filled his soul. It had taken him a long time to realize that was love. Now he absorbed it like a sponge. A small sigh of pleasure escaped him. The sensation eased the throbbing of his skull.

Dante felt Victor’s sense wrap around him like a blanket, and he pulled it close like a cub. Victor stopped suddenly.

“What was that?” Victor asked.

Dante explored his sense and came to a dead stop at a grating pulse he tried so hard to ignore.

“Nightmares,” Dante whispered and moved so he lay across Victor’s lap with his head propped on the arm of the couch.

He looked up at Victor and noticed a concerned expression on his face. His blue eyes shone hard and intense with worry.

“Are you okay, Dante?” Victor asked. “Do you still have the nightmares? Have you been keeping them from me?”

“They aren’t so bad, Alpha. They’re just there. I try to make them stay there. Most times it works. And I wasn’t keeping them from you. It just seemed stupid to mention them. They’re just nightmares. Everyone has bad dreams.”

He watched a flicker of uneasiness ripple across Victor’s face, but before he was certain, the emotion had gone.

“All right, but you’ll tell me if they get too bad, won’t you?” Victor said.

Dante fought back a sudden glimmer of worry. A spike of something half-remembered. He shook his head and let himself forget. Some things were better left dead and buried.

“The dreams will pass. They always do,” Dante said.

He closed his eyes and gave into the sense of the pack. Safe and comfortable in Victor’s lap, he slept.


Review by Debbie Attenborough

Dante knows Caster will come for him at some point, he just did not expect to lose his father and go against his father’s wishes in the process.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this book. I finished it, and that’s a good thing. There was just something….missing, I think is the word I’m looking for but I can’t figure out what.

So here’s what I DID like about it.

It’s different. While other books have some sort of connection between an Alpha and their pack, this one has a two way effect. The Weave can be used to communicate, to call for help, but also for the Alpha, Dante, to soothe and help his pack and reassure them.

It’s told from all the major players, and some minor ones, point of view in the third person. You all know how happy I am to get inside of the bad guy’s mind!

It’s fairly clean. Yeah, yeah, I know I usually prefer my male/male books, shifter ones especially, to be more on the hotter side, but it felt right for this book that it was very much a case of you filling in the blanks.

I’m just at a total loss as to what was missing, and it stresses me so! I’m not writing this author (for it is the first I’ve read Torrens) nor am I writing this series off, just yet. I’d like to read the second book. I’m curious as to what will happen to Dante and Jesse and the rest of the pack and the strays that they are taking in. Whatever I find missing here, might be there. Who knows, I just hope I get the chance.

Because I can’t pinpoint what I’m missing….

Star rating: ★★★

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Meet C. M. Torrens

c.m. torrens

C.M. Torrens lives in the Midwest with her wonderful family, two furry canines who think they’re human, and a pet snake who wishes he were human. The warm chaos of her house not only keeps her on her toes, but often reminds her of a zoo at feeding time.

She spends her days torn between chaining her muse to her desk and wanting to beat him for his lack of cooperation when she needs him most. She enjoys the quiet mornings when it’s still dark with a hot cup of coffee and her dogs cuddled at her feet like a giant fuzzy blanket. Those quiet mornings give her time to dwell on the dark worlds and passionate characters drifting in her head.

You can follow C.M. Torrens on twitter @CMTorrens

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The Alpha’s Weave by C. M. Torrens
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