The 5 Best Accessories To Wear With a Suit

Written by Felicia Priedel

Wearing a suit empowers you to make a good impression wherever you go and whatever the occasion. Suits make a statement; wearing them with the right accessories will send a message of elegance and importance.

The best accessories to wear with a suit will complement and enhance your suit’s characteristics. Every person has a unique style, but sometimes people can choose accessories that do not necessarily pair well. Learn about the elements you need to consider when striving to achieve a good impression and keep your image sharp.

Formal Watch

Watches are the perfect addition to wear with your suit because they give you critical information and serve as a statement piece. Some consider looking at your watch as a rude gesture, but this accessory also tells people you prioritize promptness. Chain or leather watches are the perfect choice to wear with a suit, and even smart watches can add a sophisticated touch to your attire.

Colorful Bowtie

Black bowties are the only option to wear with a tuxedo, making this accessory crucial for black tie events. However, with new trends in fashion, you can find a vast array of different bowtie styles and colors. You can determine which style best suits your outfit as a means to add some color and personality to your crisp look.

The Right Shoes

The one thing most people look at after seeing your suit is your choice of footwear. Shoes have a big responsibility; they provide comfort and functionality while reflecting your style. There are several common mistakes you should avoid when buying men’s dress shoes because they could damage your look or, worse yet, your feet. The right shoes and the right suit will positively impact how you look and carry yourself.

Simple Belt

The best accessory to wear with a suit is a simple belt. Belts come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, but keeping them simple will make your outfit look more elegant and stylish. Pairing the color of your belt with the color of your shoes will complete your look by making it look cohesive. If your attire includes sparkly or gradient-colored shoes, consider a timeless black belt.

Strong Suspenders

If you aren’t interested in wearing a belt, consider suspenders. This accessory is a classic choice that can make your suit look fresh and modern when you use it appropriately. You can find these made from different materials and colors; many choose to make them a statement piece, wearing unique, vibrant suspenders with a black suit.

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