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That 80’s Soft Rock Ambient Vibe is back!

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Singer-Songwriter  Sharon West leads the way in this retro Vibe with here latest HIT song  “Blindsided”, her vocal prowess resonates the tone of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks with the emotion of Alison Moyet. Sharon takes the sound of singer/songwriter and pop/rocker smooths out all the edges, belting out vocal prowess that rings out powerfully! The rustic ambient sound of 80’s Soft Rock is here to stay.

Hailing from Yorkshire in the UK, Sharon started working professionally as a singer when she was 20, performing with a number of bands on the cabaret circuit and then moving onto working with original bands in more recent years. Sharon has played at a wide range of live music venues and music festivals over the years and has always had a huge passion for music which has inspired her creativity. During this period of performing, Sharon developed her love of songwriting and after being encouraged by a friend and fellow songwriter who recognized her writing ability she began to record her own music. Sharon says that her writing style comes from having very eclectic musical tastes and a love of a wide range of genres, although she admits is an 80s girl at heart. She was hugely influenced by the 80’smusic scene and counts George Michael, Alison Moyet and the electronic sounds of the decade as some of her real musical loves. Her music is based on her own personal experiences and those of the people around her and feels that this is very much reflected in the songs that she writes. Love, life, and loss are featured very heavily in her writing and she feels this helps her audience to relate to her on both a personal musical level. Her first single “Breathe” was released on the 24th July 2017 and has been hugely successful

Sharon is currently in the studio finishing up a NEW  song for the summer~ slated to be released in June 

Listen to this Top of the Pops  song 


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