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Terror Jr. announces new project ‘Bop City 2: TerroRising’ out Friday, June 16

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EFFESS and Atlantic Records have announced the eagerly awaited new project from enigmatic pop supertrio Terror Jr. “Bop City 2: TerroRising” arrives Friday, June 16th at all DSPs and streaming services.

The second installment in Terror Jr’s “Bop City” trilogy, “Bop City 2: TerroRising” is available for pre-order beginning today. All pre-orders will receive instant grat downloads of new songs “Caramel” and “Death Wish,” as well as the project’s latest single release, “Appreciation.” The latter track premiered yesterday via Beats 1’s Zane Lowe and via Complex. “Appreciation” is streaming here.

Terror Jr is quickly becoming the pop story of the century with nearly 150,000,000 streams thus far for such explosive singles as the lust-driven “Caramel” and its equally debauched follow-up, “Death Wish.” The anonymous pop trio – whose identities remain a much-discussed global mystery – made a stunning debut last year with the first “Bop City” project, earning over 130 million streams around the world with infectious pop classics like “Come First,” “3 Strikes,” and “Sugar.”

“Bop City” also earned unanimous critical applause, with THE FADER hailing it as a “high-serotonin pop slap, mostly about sex and drugs and love, and engineered to please.” “Bop City” “will likely be your go-to soundtrack for both late nights and early, dreamy dawns,” raved Teen Vogue. “Though the songs on the project are squarely in the post-party jam department, they’re love songs too – just modern ones, about sex, regret, and infatuation.” “Regardless of the identity of Terror Jr’s vocalist,” wrote Pitchfork, “their catalog of sex and drug-obsessed pop is engineered to inundate the pleasure centers of one’s brain.” “Terror Jr’s greatest asset is that they are on the forefront of a new movement in pop music,” exclaimed V Magazine, “one that doesn’t pretend every party is a rager of feel good love, but also doesn’t decry them. The music comes at a time when the pressure of perfection on social media is more exhausting than it is rewarding, and a carefully curated life isn’t sustainable.” Perhaps NYLONsummed it all up best: “Terror Jr is playful, sexy, and extraordinary.”


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