Tempt Me by Remmy Duchene

It’s Remmy Duchene! I am so pleased to get another chance to post here.

Today, I am here to talk about my newest Dreamspinner Press release titled Tempt Me. For the second time in my writing career, I’ve penned a tale that isn’t interracial. As most of you know, I love culture and languages and the food that goes with said cultures and languages. But I wanted to try something a little bit different to prove something to myself.

There has been a lot of talks lately about diversity in the romance industry. This has been something I have spent my entire career in the LGBT writing world trying to push for. But of late, it has become more and more of a sticking point. I self-publish quite a lot these days because some books I am aware are big risks to certain publishers. Quite a few of my stories of late contain Asian and Black leads and my muse need to put those stories into the world the way it sees them.

But, the lack of diversity in this community is very evident when you look at the stock photo sites. They mostly post what sells and finding an interracial LGBT+ on these sites would be like finding a yeti in New York.

(Almost) impossible.

It becomes more and more apparent when you and your cover artist spend the better part of an entire day, trying to find photos to make a cover look halfway decent. Then you go through the bestselling lists and there are little to no people of colour and it gets quite disheartening.

We have to do more to showcase the beauty that is the spectrum of races in this world. We have to support anything that will show the next generation of LGBT+ community that their love is valued as much as anyone else’s. We preach the mantra of Love is Love but rarely do we do anything to actually prove that is true.

We have these conversations almost on a daily basis now about ‘why black love is taboo’ and it is quite sad that in 2018, we’re still having these kinds of talks. I wrote Tempt Me in a way to practice what I preach—to be inclusive. But I totally miss mixing things up.

The idea for Tempt Me came from a scene in the now defunct soap opera ONE LIFE TO LIVE – actually, it’s from a mere 10 seconds of one scene. Oliver and Kyle gave me life as one of the first gay couples on a daytime soap and I dug them hard.

Please, spread some love. Grab your copy of Tempt Me!

Thanks for having me!

Remmy D

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Officer Gabe Ford knows finding love could be a tad problematic—especially since he hasn’t come out to his partner of six years yet. But what’s a guy to do when his body wants what his brain is saying he can’t have?

A year and a half after a breakup, Jason Tomlinson isn’t actively looking for a relationship. Hell, he can do bad all by himself. But Gabe Ford is just too damn yummy to resist. Just as things are beginning to pick up, one bullet may end it all before it even begins.


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About the Author

Remmy Duchene now lives in Canada where she works for lawyers during the day and write like the wind at nights. She loves movies, books, pretending to be a photographer and spending time with family




Facebook: Remmy Duchene

IG: @manluvlikeaboss



Tempt Me by Remmy Duchene
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