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Tea Or Consequences by KC Burn (audio review)

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Author of gay erotic romance, writing for Loose Id, Carina Press & Dreamspinner Press. Occasionally NSFW. KC Burn has been writing for as long as she can remember and is a sucker for happy endings (of all kinds). After moving from Toronto to Florida for her husband to take a dream job, she discovered a love of gay romance and fulfilled a dream of her own—getting published. After a few years of editing web content by day, and neglecting her supportive, understanding hubby and needy cat at night to write stories about men loving men, she was uprooted yet again and now resides in California. Writing is always fun and rewarding, but writing about her guys is the most fun she’s had in a long time, and she hopes you’ll enjoy them as much as she does.
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December 19, 2017
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7 Hours 24 minutes
Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek… sleuth?

Maybe Riley isn’t living up to his full potential, but being a temp executive assistant suits him. He’s never bored at work, he’s got friends who let him geek out, and he’s got a carefully crafted twink exterior… which might be getting constrictive now that he’s on the other side of thirty. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s comfortable.

It all unravels when he takes a job working for a tea-obsessed cosmetics queen, the owner of Gautier Cosmetics. During the launch party for a new product, Riley finds his boss dead under suspicious circumstances, and the homicide detective is none other than Tadeo Martin, Riley’s high school obsession who never knew he was alive.

Tad drafts Riley to get the scoop on the inner workings of Gautier, and for Riley, it’s like a drug. His natural inquisitiveness is rewarded with more and more Tad. Unfortunately, his snooping puts him in the running for two other roles: suspect and victim. The killer doesn’t care which.

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Tea or Consequences
Story. 4 stars. 
Narration. 5 stars. 
Overall 4.5. 

Tea Or Consequences, by KC Burn is a stand-alone romance/mystery/thriller that is an engaging and entertaining listen. The story has some minor plot holes, but that said, I would absolutely listen to more stories following these MC,s if the author were to turn it into a series. Audiobooks can be made or broken for me by poor voice acting skills. In Tea Or Consequences, Darcy Stark’s narration is impeccable and I will be taking note of stories he narrates in my future audio purchases.   

Riley Parker is a career temp by choice. He enjoys new environments and meeting new people and has a low threshold for boredom. Moving from office to office, as an executive assistant, is the best way to avoid office politics and drama. As a highly efficient and valued assistant to Gabrielle Gautier, head of Gautier Cosmetics, Riley quietly observes the machinations of those in her inner circle. Her son and daughter are rude and unlikeable, constantly jostling for power and influence as Gabrielle’s seconds-in-command. The arrival of a mystery man in Gabrielle’s life coincides with her murder but with so many people potentially holding grudges, or having something to gain, it’s going to take some serious detecting to find the killer. 

Tad Martin is a homicide detective assigned to solve Gabrielle’s murder. When Riley sees his high school crush, Tadeo, walk into the room his heart skips a beat.  Naturally Tadeo doesn’t recognise him. Why would he? Riley has changed so much since his time at school and Tad, as he’s now known, was two years his senior, straight, and part of the cool group. Riley was none of those things. As the investigation continues it becomes apparent that someone is either trying to set Riley up, or murder him,  and Tad and Riley must work together to uncover office secrets and clues before it’s too late. With suspects everywhere, from the family to a possibly disgruntled ex worker it’s difficult to determine who the real threat is. 

Tea Or Consequences did keep me guessing to the very end of the book. There were no clear or obvious spoilers pointing to the killer which made for a more riveting listen. There are some great side characters and humour amidst the mystery, however I found other characters a little one dimensional. Riley’s brother definitely needed more space to understand the dynamics of their relationship, and the one-eighty performed by another character in relation to Riley was a little too abrupt for me. Riley and Tad’s chemistry was certainly hot once they got over the subterfuge, but Tad’s behaviour towards Riley, given the conflict of interest, was sometimes annoying. These were fairly minor irritations, however, and didn’t negatively impact the story to any significant extent. I connected most strongly with Riley. He is an extremely likeable, sweet, fun guy and I’d love to see him, and Tad, in an ongoing series. There is certainly scope to develop all the relationships in Riley’s life in future books. 

Overall an enjoyable story that kept me well entertained over a relaxing weekend. 
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tea Or Consequences to lovers of romance and mystery. 
Top 10 Reviewer 73 reviews
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