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Take the BULLY by the horns – Anti Bullying campaign by Divine Magazine

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Let’s make a change TOGETHER. Stand up to BULLYING and take the BULLY by the Horns

We need to get the word out to children and adults, alike, that bullying is not only wrong, but that there are consequences for bullying. How many more deaths will we allow to happen before this message is embedded in our future? We need more focus, more drive, more passion, more awareness, and penalties. We need people to be held accountable for their actions. We need Government and people on high to take more action.

Divine Magazine Team are working hard to gather as much support as possible. We need everyone, everywhere to please sign our petition and help support thisThunderclap. This poem was written by an adult but the words are the feelings of a teenager who has suffered at the hands of bullies. We have all been affected by this at some point either with our children, our relatives, a friend or ourselves. We need to make a stand and put a stop to Bullying. All those who can’t stand up need us to be their voice. This has to be top priority, we shouldn’t allow this to continue and keep looking the other way. Help us help others in the fight against bullies. Thank you.

Petition Link

Thunderclap Link

PLEASE HELP! Please share this post. To all Authors, Bloggers, Fans, Readers, Young Adults, Everybody, Everywhere. Let’s make a change TOGETHER!
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