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Surviving Immortality by Alan Chin

I’m very pleased to announce that my latest novel, Surviving Immortality, is now available in paperback and any eBook format, at DSP Publications & Amazon. This story is purely fictional and not based on real people or true events.

Recovery by Amy Rae Durreson

Every fantasy writer knows that the worlds we create are entwined with the ones in which we live. Sometimes they form a deliberate mirror, to mock or question what we hold to be normal. Sometimes the relationship is one of inspiration or a…

Quickening By Amy Lane

I’ve never been a fan of boxes or labels. I remember taking those tests as a kid—the Meyers-Briggs thing, IQ tests, career tests. I was always at a disadvantage—I questioned my own perception of reality so often, I would frequently mark…

Withered + Sere by TJ Klune

The Artwork of Withered + Sere: Illustrator Blake Dorner. I think it was around 2012 when I read my first TJ  Klune book. It was amazing, to say the least, and I've been keeping up with every book he released since. Burn, like many people,…

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