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Tempt Me by Remmy Duchene

It’s Remmy Duchene! I am so pleased to get another chance to post here. Today, I am here to talk about my newest Dreamspinner Press release titled Tempt Me. For the second time in my writing career, I’ve penned a tale that isn’t…

Susan Mac Nicol

Bringing men together, one book at a time The official stuff  Susan writes steamy, sexy and fun contemporary gay romance stories, some suspenseful, some gritty and dark and others that hopefully make you think. She’s also Editor in Chief…

The Temple of Heaven by Z. Allora

Greetings and happiness to everyone here at Divine Magazine! Thank you for the opportunity to share a little bit about me, Jordon Davis.  Z. Allora sent me to share Z.’s new release The Temple of Heaven which is my story. (FINALLY!)

The Alcove by Rosalind Abel

Jasper Getty is living his dream as the owner of the charming bookshop, Lavender Pages. For seven years, he’s enjoyed the safety and freedom to be himself, selling books by day and curling up and getting lost in novels by night. But a dark…

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