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Taboo by Kol Anderson

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Taboo by Kol Anderson

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Taboo #3
About the Author
“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.”
 ― Oscar Wilde
 I'm a writer. I'm not the guy who writes books in your head. I'm the guy who writes books in MY head. If you're into the fluffier side of life, you have my blessing but will you please take the next exit. For the rest of you depraved pervs, enjoy your stay ;)

Publication Date
March 17, 2017
Available Formats
Epub, Pdf, Mobi
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Trey has his first encounter with Colton, and things between him and Jake become more complicated. But trouble is never far from Jake, whose life has been rendered upside down. The only reason he is carrying on at all, despite everything, is so he can be with his brother.

But when he fails to save Colton, Jake gets into even more trouble with Weldon.

It doesn't look like it’s going to end well. Giving up might seem more tempting than to carry on fighting. Redemption often comes from the very last place you'd expect.

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Dark and painful
Taboo #3 by Kol Anderson 
This short read is part of a serie dark reads. It's about a young guy named Jake who is sold by his dad to a cruel man named Weldon. Weldon has a whole circle of  'servants' working for him.  Jake's brother Colton is also kept by this Weldon and Jake is trying to free both of them... only nothing is what it looks. You think it will be alright and then....
Why things are happening....we will learn while reading. 
Many questions will rise and you will try to find balance and you will not get it. It's mind-f*cking and that's the point!
It's recommend to read #1 and # 2 first. An extremely amazing written story and it will make you greedy for more and more...
So painful.....More questions raising...Why.... Jekyll and Hyde himself...why?
Mace....damn I don't trust anyone there any human thing in him?
Trey....again I don't trust anyone anymore....what is your game....? sorry for him....why him? power over....? the middle of this shit hole... Doesn't know and understand why and what is happening....
Crazy story, very captivating it made me hungry for more and more.
As always very well written...always making me feel insecure about the next step....making me stop to think about a next page....because my brain just can't reach that level.
Waiting is my next step....for #4
This is for the ones who can handle dark violent reads which make you flinch because of many hurt and uncertainties...then... with other words... a #mustread 
I loved it!!
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