Syd Carter West Releases Sensual and Carefree Motorbike Man Music Video

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Syd Carter West’s latest track and music video “Motorbike Man” is the fierce opposition of a performance of smoke and mirrors.

On the other hand, the Vancouver-based blues-rocker embraces the potential of her imperfections, not once shying away from letting loose. The “Motorbike Man” music video is not smoke and mirrors, but rather smoke and motors (and leather); amidst the inviting, sensual and carefree attitude of the video’s quintessential rocker hues and cinematography, cigarette smoke and motorbikes make the fiery and passionate track come to life. 

As Syd Carter West fantasizes about her “Motorbike Man”, she leaves room for the gritty and wild, where parallelisms of her and the mystery man on the motorbike culminate into a scene of them cruising together into the night. “Motorbike Man” is my muse,” West confesses, “The wild, carefree, gritty, and badass man I desire and the person I want to be. Through this song, I find inspiration in letting loose and tearing myself away from the idea of perfection and normal.” Combining West’s signature blues rock vocals with a wild, carefree rocker attitude, the music video paints the picture of an alluring imaginary man to who the artist is drawn, yet paving the way for reflections on self-perception and a carefree attitude equal parts tousled and charming.

To keep up with Syd Carter West’s incessant growth follow her on Instagram: @sydcarterwest

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