Superfoods You Should Consume for a Healthy Liver

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One of the most important organs of the human body—the liver, ensures the proper functioning of our body at all times. Therefore, oxidative stress, toxins, and poor mental or physical health can easily over-burden it if not taken care of by leading a healthy lifestyle. Thus, regular detoxification of the liver is necessary to maintain good overall health.

You can maintain a healthy liver by consuming superfoods that contain all the essential nutrients required for better liver health.

Here are the best superfoods and herbs that can ensure excellent liver health when consumed regularly.

Schizandra berry

Research has proved that Schisandra berry, which is one of the powerful adaptogenic herbs for a better liver, has exceptional abilities that can reverse any liver damage. A key ingredient of traditional medicine, this superfood berry possesses potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is often recommended for people suffering from liver diseases like acute and chronic hepatitis that can be consumed as a natural supplement.

Moreover, Schizandra berry is considered an all-rounder because it promotes vitality, protects your body from stress damage, supports the central nervous system, and ensures overall wellness.

Reishi mushroom

The immense benefits of superfood medicinal mushrooms, like Reishi Mushroom, are not unknown. Possessing strong adaptogen properties, the medicinal fungus aids the removal of toxic substances and other microbes effectively from the body. This results in enhanced liver protection as most of the external risk factors get flushed out, which may hinder our liver’s healthy functioning.

Several studies have proved that Reishi mushroom can also shield your liver from pharmaceutical damage, thereby enhancing its function and detoxification.

Astragalus root 

Astragalus root is another highly revered tonic herb used in Chinese medicine for centuries. The superfood offers potential short-term and long-term benefits when it comes to supporting liver detoxification.

The root also belongs to a class of herbs that protect liver cells from free radical damage, exposure to environmental toxins, and other carcinogenic chemicals, like carbon tetrachloride. Therefore, it is widely used to support and stimulate healthy liver function.

Chicory root

An ancient liver detoxifying herb, Chicory root (Cichorium intybus), has long been used in ancient Egyptians and Romans medicine to help purify the liver. A bitter herb, Chicory works helping to increase the production and flow of bile in our body.

This is because Chicory contains insulin (that nourishes and feeds intestinal bacteria). Carrying on the centuries-old tradition, Chicory root is generally combined with Dandelion root as a replacement to caffeine beverage to reduce stress on liver health. Also, the superfood herb is rich in antioxidants that support a healthy liver by reducing oxidative stress.


These are only some of the superfoods from a vast array of natural superfoods available in the market that support liver function and ensure overall optimal health. Additionally, incorporating superfood into your daily regimen is not enough to eradicate any stress or burden on your liver; you must also assess your lifestyle.

It’s also important to note such superfoods can sometimes interfere with your pre-existing medications, so it is always best first to consult your healthcare provider.

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