Summer Home Cooling Tips from “Down Under”

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Everyone loves summer until it’s time to deal with the summer heat. If you’ve felt the effects of a forty-degree Celsius heatwave, you know that it’s not the most pleasant experience. How does someone in Sydney deal with this type of weather on a daily basis?

Well, Australians have been dealing with hot weather for a long time and they’ve come up with some crafty solutions to keep cool. If you’re wondering how you can cool your home without cranking the AC up, look no further. Here are some of the more creative ideas from Australian homes.

Summer friendly bed linens

Your choice of bed linen material makes all the difference when it comes to sleeping during the summer. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when it’s extremely hot outside. Covering yourself might seem impossible, as that only exacerbated the problem. However, the right material will keep you cool even when the heat is unbearable.

Cotton is the most comfortable material during the summer. It allows your body to breathe, which prevents you from sweating too much. If your bed linens are made of one hundred percent cotton, you’re going to find it a lot easier to have a good night’s sleep. It’s going to keep you cool even when the temperatures are sweltering.

Parasols to stay cool

If you like hanging out in your garden, you will need some kind of protection from the sun. You don’t want to get heatstroke from spending time in the scorching summer weather. What better way to solve this than with a couple of sun umbrellas?

Most Australian gardens have a parasol or two to help protect from the sun. They allow you a bit of a respite from the heat and make it a lot easier to read a book or work on your laptop. You get to enjoy the refreshing summer breeze without having to worry about getting sunburned after an hour of lounging around.

Indoor jungle vibes

Gardens help give you a respite from the constant heat. Plants have a natural cooling ability and they make the summer heat more tolerable. Why not bring this aspect of plants inside of your home? Placing a couple of potted plants in your rooms will make them feel a lot more comfortable. The foliage helps increase humidity and it makes it a lot easier to balance out the temperature.

Not to mention, plants will make your home look even nicer. There’s no shortage of attractive flora in Australia. You have thousands of plant species to choose from. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose, as long as you put several them in your home. Their interesting shapes and colors can really add some personality to a room.

A comfortable patio experience

If you like having your morning coffee on the patio, you probably want it to be as comfortable as possible. The patio is a very important part of your backyard. This is where you and your family can enjoy breakfast and invite neighbors over for brunches. However, the morning sun might be a bit too overbearing at times.

Many Australians solve this by installing a sunroof or awning over their patios. However, it’s not something most people DIY, especially in big cities like Sydney. Climbing on top of your roof and installing the necessary components can be dangerous, so why risk it? Luckily, finding an expert for sunroof installation in Sydney shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you have it installed, you can enjoy the full benefits of a comfortable outdoor environment with none of the drawbacks.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans might seem like an outdated way to stay cool, but there’s a reason that so many Australian homes still have them. They are still surprisingly good at keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. They help circulate air throughout your home and stimulate evaporation. This helps you stay cool during the day.

They’re also surprisingly attractive pieces of home décor. A ceiling fan can give your room a chic feel while also providing a nice focal point. Ceiling fans aren’t too expensive, either. They’re easy to install and they spend a lot less energy than an AC unit. You can keep it running all day and not have to worry about it significantly affecting your power bill. For something that feels like a vintage decoration, ceiling fans do their job well.


Keeping cool in the middle of summer isn’t all that difficult. Australian homeowners have dealt with these types of issues in some creative ways. Fighting the heat just takes a bit of creativity and craftiness. Even the smallest of changes will help you get through the summer. Make use of some of these ideas and you’ll find the heat to be a lot more tolerable this summer.

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