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Styling Tricks For Expecting Moms: What To Wear During The First Trimester

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Congratulations, you’re pregnant! If it’s your first time and you just learned about the good news, you’ve probably gotten a head start on reading about the things you should expect while you’re expecting. But fashion-wise, are you ready to cope with some sartorial challenges for the first few months of your pregnancy?

Dressing for the second to the third trimester is relatively easy as all one has to do is to head to the maternity section for cute separates and cleverly cut dresses. But during the first three months, you can get stuck in that awkward phase wherein your usual clothes don’t fit well at all, while maternity clothes are still too big and shapeless for your figure. No idea what to wear during the early days of your pregnancy? Read on for styling tricks and tips that will make you look good and feel good during this wonderful time.

Wear your favorite jeans, but use this trick for a comfortable fit

If you’re having trouble zipping or buttoning your jeans, don’t worry—you can still wear your favorite jeans by doing a simple trick. All you need is a rubber band or a hair elastic. Simply loop the rubber band through the buttonhole, then loop both ends of the band around the button. To cover up your styling hack, wear a tunic, a long peasant top, or your partner’s button down shirt. The same tops could work with stretchy yet supportive pregnancy leggings once your jeans become too tight to wear. Pair the look with loafers or pretty ballerina flats, and you’ve got an outfit that works from doing errands to brunch with friends.

Pair your work blazer with a dress

Expecting moms who are required to follow a dress code in the workplace may find it hard to look polished and professional once trousers and skirts start getting a little tight around the middle. However, you can still look put together even if you’re not wearing a suit. All you have to do is pair your blazer with a stretchy or flowing dress. Choose a dress with a thick fabric if you’ve got a conservative dress code. For women who wear business casual to work, you can get away with a summery dress under a neutral blazer, but make sure that the length of the dress is appropriate for the office.  

Use accessories to your advantage

If you’re not quite ready to announce your pregnancy, then accessories can serve as a useful distraction from your changing body until you’re ready to spread the good news. Highly-detailed shoes and bags, interesting jewelry such as an ear cuff or stacked bangles, or even a hat can become the focal point of your outfit and draw attention away from your middle. Pay attention to your grooming and make sure that your hair and makeup are on-point to enhance that wonderful pregnancy glow without giving your secret away.

Being pregnant is a special time in a woman’s life, and it’s important that you feel good and confident about your body through all the stages of your pregnancy. Try these tips to look stylish during the first trimester without sacrificing comfort.  Lastly, have fun with fashion—you’re sure to enjoy being pregnant more once you do.

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