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Your soul mate has proposed you with a beautiful and elegant engagement ring, and now you are about to get married. Congratulations!

What a day; marrying the love of your life and spending the rest of your lives together is indeed a blessing. There are many things that need to be prepared and taken care of.

As you are planning the day, keep a journal, so that you can keep track of everything and the details won’t be missed. The appointments, dress, hairdos, accessories and event planning are a lot to do; keeping a track of everything will make easier for you to plan your dream wedding.

You have chosen your bridesmaid/s and have been shopping around with them for the bridesmaid dress. The only thing left to do is pick a perfect hairstyle for them, which makes them look lovely and complement your look as well.

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Let’s have a look at some hairstyles that will make your bridesmaids look wonderful on your special day.

Side Bun

Side buns have always been in fashion and will look fashionable on brides and bridesmaids alike. It can be worn on curly, textured or straight hair. If there are two bridesmaids, they can wear their buns on alternative sides that will give a great symmetry in the photos with the bride. You can also add sparkly hair grips to add bling or dazzle.

The side bun can be paired with a one-shouldered bridesmaid dress, and ask the stylist to style it on the opposite side to the shoulder to balance the look. This look is great for a variety of textures of hair and can be considered if the bridesmaids have a different color of hair.

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Pretty Plaits

Plaits are really a lovely way to add details to the hair. If you want the hairstyle to look soft, take care with the plaiting, as it will make the look elegant and classy. The intricate details of the plaits will not only add volume to the hair but make it look stylish and elegant. Many Hollywood actresses have flaunted this hairstyle. The bridesmaid will look lovely in this style and can add embellishments to make it look even more stylish.

 Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle is classic and works for the bride as it allows the veil to sit perfectly, and adds volume to the hair without losing any length. This hairstyle works well for a bridesmaid if you want them to echo the same style as yours and it suits everyone.

It’s also a wonderful style for wearing strapless dresses, as the hair drapes the bare shoulders and looks like a princess’s, making the bride, of course,  look like a queen.


Vintage Inspired

If you have planned a vintage theme for your wedding, then this hairstyle is perfect for you and your bridesmaid. This look is inspired by 1920s look from Dessy; just ask your hairstylist to give this vintage inspired updo to your bridesmaid, which will make them look elegant. The bride can opt for a similar wavy updo to match her bridesmaid.

 Short Hairstyle

If your bridesmaid has short hair, that doesn’t mean you are out of ideas for her. This same thing goes for the brides too. The length of hair depends on an individual, and it doesn’t mean you can’t style it up for special occasions like wedding. You can opt for finger wave for the bridesmaid hair. Even if the bride has long hair, their hairstyle will complement with your hairstyle.

Boho Beauty

Boho hairstyles have always been in style, thanks to the actresses that carry this style with such a grace and elegance. They are the inspiration behind this style and you can wear this style in your wedding or can pick it up for your bridesmaid. This style can be plaited on the left or on right, can be styled with a headpiece.

Tip: If you are a fan of bling, and love to add them to your look, then opt for metals, stones, or diamonds. Online stores that sell diamonds online, diamond jewelry and antique pieces have attractive pieces that can be complemented according to your look. You can have hair accessories, or bracelets or shoulder accessories which will make you shine among others.

 Play Mix and Match

If you don’t want to give the same hairstyle to the bridesmaid, then go for a mix and match updos, which will reflect their personalities. Different hairstyles will make them look unique, even in the same dress. To show some uniformity, add some flowers or hair clips or any other hair accessories to their style.

 Low Chignon

This style is not only classic but also elegant and makes the bridesmaid look more appealing. It suits everyone and works best for your girls if they have long hair. A Chignon bun is the basis of many intricate styles and can be reformed to many styles. This hairstyle can be worn on the side, at the crown or nape of the neck. Adding hair accessories like clips or flowers will add more elegance to the style. They even work with the formal look and  with laidback ones.

 Typical Bun

If you are bored with the side bun, then opt for the typical bun and accessorize it to make it more elegant. This bun will keep the hair out of your face and give you a sophisticated look, along with the volume. This hairstyle will look perfect if you want to keep the look of the bridesmaid the same.

 Relaxed Updos

If you have planned a big bridal party, then look for the hairstyles that will suit everyone. A relaxed up-do can have versatile styles, which will reflect your inner style and make you look elegant, even without adding any embellishments. You can try low chignons and curled ponytails with wavy strands left loose at the front. A laid-back up-do is a perfect style for a summer wedding. You can alter the look according to hair length and complete the look with fragrant bouquets.

Hairstyles not only reflect our personality but also show our style. These hairstyles will add elegance to your bridesmaid style and also complement their look with you.

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