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Strip Shot by Matt Converse

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The Prequel to Behind the Velvet Curtain
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Author of Behind the Velvet Curtain, an erotic gay thriller 
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January 07, 2017
We've all seen strippers up on stage. Did you ever wonder how they got there? The answer might surprise you.

Michael is a scrawny kid from Ohio who moves to San Francisco with his boyfriend Kenny. He loves everything about the city, except the guy he's with. When things turn ugly, how will he escape and how will he survive on his own, completely alone in the big city?

Along the way, he meets an eccentric cast of characters in his own personal Oz. An unlikely and not so yellow brick road with unexpected twists and turns lead him to the stage, but what will he find when he gets there? Will he have what it takes to make it as a stripper? Sometimes, you only get one shot.

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Adventures in a new city for Micheal.
This book was great story about Micheal and his adventures to a new place. At the age of 21 he kinda took some money from his Gran which makes him fee bad...just so he and Kenny could leave this place behind them. San Francisco they where bound which they'd settled in to a dingy flat until they could get jobs. Micheal knows that he and Kenny are not going to make it long term in their relationship. 3 months latter after an abusive argument Micheal runs out the flat not looking back. What happens next to Michael as he finds his way in amongst San Francisco, you'll need to read this book. Adventures include Drama, Paranormal Beings and great scenes..I found the first chapter was a little repetitive but after that it was great. 
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Intimate and personal
Gossshh it strikes me that after exactly one year Behind the Velvet Curtain i had the same feelings while reading: Close to the heart, intimate and personal, if this story was just for me.

Michael DeGragio confiscate in an improper way some money and moves away from home with his friend Kenny.
Telling your moving to Los Angeles instead of San Francisco because it sounds less gay... sorry it's really funny inventive.

Michael is such a nice guy, always kind and polite (don't abuse him because.....)
I hoped to know more about his sexual fantasies....and damn there he goes...to the bath house....

After the break up, his life is getting better Karma does her work properly ;) 
He gets a room and a job at the same place. Only strange things are happening in certain parts of the building...!!

Michael has a clear vision and I don't think he is aware of it but also really funny. He sounds serious but express himself humorous. I had a big smile while reading....
I love his confidence and trust for the future. He is such a pleasant personality, I would really love to have him as a friend.

At 69% I felt a tear rolling down my cheek, dear dear Gran what a great woman.

All the little story's through this story were really well written and very enjoyable.
Again the smooth way of telling his life is close to the heart, intimate, it felt real and honest, funny, with some tiny thriller parts and last but not least some parts are sexy as hell.

The end of the Prequel just gave me goosebumps because i knew what was coming......the story of Matt Jaxx

 I just loved Gran with her plaque “SILENCE PLEASE! You Are Now In The Presence of a GENIUS AT WORK.”
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