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Strange Storm from Detroit singer/songwriter Darrin James and his band

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Darrin James’s 3rd full length album explores themes of today’s “climate” of constant violence, blatant greed, religious hypocrisy and political chaos.

The title, “Strange Storm,” takes on new meanings as his music journeys through eclectic sonic landscapes and diverse influences from Woody Guthrie inspired folk, to Afrobeat, blues, and rock n’ roll. The album features Thornetta Davis, Detroit’s “Queen of the Blues,” on supporting vocals and a stellar line-up of musicians from both Michigan and Detroit.

01 Walking in the Footsteps
02 Strange Storm
03 All Around Us
04 Slow Trickle or the Rising Tide
05 Dangerous Kind
06 You Never Know
07 Downdrafts Cold Fronts
08 Bombs Away
09 Covert Mission Anthem
10 Still Believe in Love

Darrin James was born in Kentucky, raised in Michigan, and spent a decade in Brooklyn, New York, where he honed his songwriting and production craft. His gravelly voice, gritty guitar, and thought-provoking lyrics embrace the full scope of American rock ‘n’ roll – encompassing blues, folk, rock, soul, funk, country – and increasingly more flavors from around the globe.

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