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Steam Room Stories

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Today we have a feature post for the TV series, ‘Steam Room Stories’ and some great news on a new film from Cinema 175.

Divine recently featured Nicholas Downs, writer and producer of the Steam Room Stories, together with J C Calciano.

Steam Room Stories began on YouTube in 2010. Each webisode features a two-minute comedy sketch starring hot men in a steam room. Today, Steam Room Stories is a profit generating YouTube channel with over 27.7 million views and over 65,100 subscribers. The series reached a milestone with its 100th episode in 2013.

As part of that interview , Nicholas answered this question:

Q: You’re a writer and producer for the TV series Steam Room Stories which features…well, features gents in a steam room in various stages of undress. We’re actually doing a promotion on this series soon for the magazine with Pip Ellwood. What bought about this series; what was your aim in getting this series on air for people to enjoy?

Nicholas: I do the series with JC Calciano (Is It Just Me?, eCupid, The 10 Year Plan). After we finished Is It Just Me? and become good friends from that experience we wanted to continue to work together in any way we could. I came on as a producer for this film, eCupid, and about the same time we came up with the idea for Steam Room Stories. We thought how can we reach as many eyeballs as possible to push our films and other projects. We came up with a simple and sexy web series idea and thought this will be fun and a good way to advertise the films. Now it’s taken on a life of its own. We now shoot at YouTube studios, have almost 28 million episode views and over 56,000 subscribers. We have a great group of guys we work with and although it has a sexy vibe the core of our series is a comedy.

It looks like a fabulous series and from what I’ve watched so far, it’s funny, sexy and a lot of fun. All the links are at the end of the post

Steam Room Stories is available on DVD now from the Cinema175 store Fans can get their hands on Volume 1 (eps 1-39) and Volume 2 (eps 40-70) for only $9.99 each.

Fans can also get a range of merchandise including t-shirts, towels and more from the official Steam Room Stories shop The Steam Room Stories boys have just launched their first ever calendar too which you can purchase at the official store now.

It even has its own song….

You can buy it here:

Steam Room Stories links:


Cinema175 is a production company specializing in LGBT media

Founded in 2009, Cinema175 launched with the feature film,Is It Just Me? This romantic comedy played over 50 film festivals internationally, won multiple best picture awards and became the #1 selling gay title for TLA Releasing for 2010,Is It Just Me?set a new benchmark for gay indie cinema.

In 2012, Cinema175 releasedeCupid– a high concept romantic fantasy starring a talented cast of newcomers and iconic Hollywood star Morgan Fairchild. This award-winning comedy played in over 60 international film festivals, won four best picture and audience choice awards and became one of the best selling LGBT titles of 2012.eCupid‘s popularity as a film inspired the creation of an actual iphone app namedeCupid. This app, featuring Morgan Fairchild, like the movie helps the user find their true love.


And now Cinema 175 has just released their third feature film too, The 10 Year Plan, in the US on DVD and streaming worldwide.This completes a trilogy of romantic comedies. It was released in 2015, along with a companion novel and soundtrack from the film.


The music video for the lead single from the soundtrack




The 10 Year Plan stars visit the steam room

Jack Turner and Michael Adam Hamilton, the stars of Cinema 175’s award-winning movie The 10 Year Plan, visit the steam room to celebrate the release of the movie today.

Cozying up with Steam Room Stories’ Jordan Raggio and Ty James, Jack and Michael learn that in order to be accepted into the steam room they must first undergo an initiation. Before they make their decision whether or not to go through with it, they are interrupted by Nicholas Downs, star of Cinema 175 classic, who has already been through the same ritual.

What do they have to do? You’ll have to watch the new episode to find out

Cinema 175’s new movie The 10 Year Plan is also available now on Amazon, ITunes and DVD in the US – as well as streaming internationally via the website at


Media Company – Pip Ellwood





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