Steam Room Stories hits 200th episode!

On June 15th, Steam Room Stories reaches a landmark with the release of its 200th episode. 

To mark the occasion, current cast member Chris Boudreaux and original cast member Paris Dylan filmed a candid and cheeky chat. 

In the video, they talk about what it’s like to be part of one of the best-loved web series with Paris recalling, “Steam Room Stories is one of the first things I ever did in L.A. It was an honour!” 

The guys share some insight into making the show and why they love it.

“There are a lot of episodes on every little topic and that’s what I like,” Chris explains. 

The upcoming 200th episode titled, Guys Kissing is Hot?, was filmed in one take, completely live. It features Ray Tezanos, Tyler Richmeier, James Achille and Evan Ayers.

Steam Room Stories launched in 2010 and its two-minute episodes have amassed more than 51.1 million views and 96.6k subscribers. 

Steam Room Stories hits 200th episode!

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