Spice Up Your Bedroom With a Home Theatre

If you’re a film lover then you’re likely to be a fan of a true home theatre experience. Being able to watch any film in a cinema-like ambiance and your bedroom nonetheless can now be easily accomplished. However, you’ll need to know exactly how big a television you should put in the room, as well as which surround system to install to get the best possible experience. By following a few more guidelines you’ll know exactly how to turn your bedroom into a transcendental home cinema.

Size matters

Image 1 1The size of the television is one of the most factors to consider when choosing the tv set for your home cinema. Namely, the larger the room the bigger the screen you’ll need to have the feeling of being at the actual cinema and experiencing the film to the fullest. The best viewing angle that will allow you to take in all the action with minimal and above all comfortable eye movement is between 30 to 40 degrees. Also, the distance between the TV and the place from which you’ll be watching the film plays a crucial role as well.

Prior to the TV installation you need to consider if your tv is 720p or 1020p HDTV the distance should not be less than 1-1/2 to 2 times the width of the television screen. You do not want to ruin your film experience by seeing the line or pixel structure of the image, just because you didn’t position the TV far enough from your bed. However, if your tv has 4K Ultra HD resolution, you can sit even just 5 feet away from a 55-inch tv because the pixels are much smaller and not as noticeable on the smaller distance.

Choose the right place for the tv

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when installing a home cinema is placing the TV on the wall opposite the windows. If you do not have the proper curtains that can block the light, you won’t be able to enjoy the film properly with the light reflecting from the tv. This will be especially problematic if your tv has an extra glass-like coating that reflects daylight, or ambient light because all the reflection will be distracting.

If you do not want your tv to be displayed all the time, or you simply don’t have a free space to place your big screen, consider installing motorized lifting devices which will lift the tv when you’re not using it and lower it back down whenever you want to enjoy a relaxing movie night.

Add volume with a surround system

Image 2

A good surround system is just as important as the size and position of your tv set. Only with quality loudspeakers and subwoofer will you be able to have a true cinema-like experience and enjoy all the sounds and vibrations. Depending on the size of the room you should choose an appropriate speaker size and shape. A set of floor-standing speakers is the best option for medium and large rooms. The larger drivers can move enough air to fill the room, providing a full range of sound.

For smaller rooms, go with bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer. The placement of speakers is also crucial because the center channel speaker delivers more than 60% of what you hear which is why you should put it above or under the TV. The top part of the left and right speakers should be at ear level, while rear speakers deliver the best sound if placed to the side behind you.

Control the light

For the best ambiance in your bedroom cinema, think about installing recessed lights, dimmers, rope lights, and soffits, i.e. the long trays close to the ceiling that stretches over the room and can be inlaid with rope lights. To allow the light to bounce off of the screen and fill the room, think about painting your bedroom a dark shade that does not reflect a lot of sheens. Tone down the color of the ceiling as well, and instead of painting it white consider grey or some other neutral hue.

Final thoughts

A bedroom cinema can be a wonderful addition to your home décor but also for your entertainment. Make your weekend nights and rainy days more thrilling by enjoying your favorite movie or tv show on a big screen tv in the comfort of your bedroom. Make sure you pick out the right TV size and position speakers well to have the best home cinema experience.

Spice Up Your Bedroom With a Home Theatre
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