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Special Places to Say I Love You

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Travelling abroad for the first time with your partner is a big deal, as you will be spending an enormous amount of time together away from your normal day-to-day lives and getting to know each other in a more relaxed and comfortable setting with no family or friends around you.

If you have found “the one” and are planning to tell your beau that you love them for the first time while you are away, why not choose an exotic and romantic location that you will both remember and tell your family and friends stories about in the future?


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Morocco is a luxurious and magical country that has become more and more popular over the years due to its warm and welcoming climate and its array of fun and fabulous activities on offer.

What’s more, the country is home to a number of luxury hotels and resorts where couples can enjoy a break away from their routine and spend some quality time together.

There are a number of places in Morocco that you can choose as the venue to tell your partner that you love them for the very first time. If they like the beach, the country is home to a number of beaches with glistening waters, golden sand and little cabanas that give you the privacy you feel you might need.

In addition to its gorgeous golden beaches, Morocco has a number of fascinating historical sites that are both interesting and could make a very unique place to utter the romantic phrase.

Cape Town

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Known for its unmistakable and breath-taking natural beauty, Cape Town would make an ideal city to tell your partner that you love them.

Ideal for couples who love the outdoors and nature, Cape Town offers numerous opportunities and unique locations to express your love.

Take your partner up the iconic Table Mountain where you can whisk the one you love up the cable car (or hike if you are very fit and capable) and tell them you love them.

Another option would be to take them to one of the many amazing restaurants located on Long Street – one of the most well-known and popular streets in the city – and indulge in some delicious food and cocktails by surprising them with some delicious words.


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Our third and final place that we think is another amazing location that is perfect to say “I love you” is Bermuda.

Another beach bum’s paradise with its crystal clear waters and striking white sand, I could not think of a more perfect place to tell my partner that I love them.

Not only is this small island exotic and private, it houses some of the world’s most beautiful resorts and offers a number of unique experiences – like feeding the wild flamingos that live on the beach – that are unforgettable. I really cannot think of anywhere better to tell your other half what they mean to you!

Where would you go if you had the opportunity to take your partner anywhere in the world? And where would you prefer to tell them that you love them? The three places we have mentioned are only three of the most beautiful countries and cities in the world, with so many more to choose from.

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