Soundtracking your main character moment is SAPPHIRE’s dynamic pop single ‘crisis’, inspired by Heartstopper

Whether it’s creating her own original songs, covering a cherished classic, or collaborating with other artists, SAPPHIRE does everything with tenacity and heart.

Written by Divine Magazine

Following the recent release of her romantic ‘corvette’ single, SAPPHIRE raises the bar once again with a dance-worthy pop bop, ‘crisis’, the second track to be revealed from her upcoming test drive EP.

Inspired by the successful coming-of-age TV series Heartstopper, this song evokes the palpable feelings of new love that can take you by surprise. The British singer-songwriter utilises her powerhouse vocals to convey a wide array of emotions, from the passionate longing during separation to the impulsive urge to deny your true feelings. It’s an expressive single that takes listeners on the rollercoaster ride of this emotional turmoil.

Here, SAPPHIRE explains that moment that this vibrant new track was first ideated:

“I was watching season 1 of ‘Heartstopper’ when I had the first idea for ‘crisis’. The lyric ‘having a crisis’ was circling my brain and I couldn’t sleep that night. Luckily, I had a studio session the following day… ‘crisis’ was created so fast because it was so fresh in my mind, and I literally spent the entire day in the studio smiling and squealing with excitement about it.

I really wanted this song to feel like your main character moment, the opening track to your movie…so hopefully it makes you feel that way!”

In keeping with the high-stakes drama, SAPPHIRE combines her effective contemporary pop melodies with disco-pop beats to create a thrilling, fast-paced atmosphere fitting of an on-screen romance. Produced by Alex Stacey (Caity Baser, Bellah Mae, MIKA) and mixed and mastered by Alawn (with 16 Billboard #1s), ‘crisis’ is an impressive next step in SAPPHIRE’s ongoing evolution as an artist with longevity.

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