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Song and Key By Alix Bekins and Connie Bailey

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Thank you, Divine Magazine, for hosting us on our first stop of the Song and Key blog tour! Today we’re chatting a bit about how we collaborate/enable each other’s crazy ideas.

Did you ever have a friend whose encouragement of your wacky ideas crossed over into a joint project? That’s how Song and Key became a collaboration between the two of us; it’s honestly the result of two enablers and a lot of double-dog-dares. “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if…” is our go-to motto for figuring out the next part of the story. We write to amuse ourselves, our friends, and hopefully our readers too.

Working to our strengths, Connie handles the ins and outs of the plot, while Alix massages the characters. It’s both a blessing and a curse that we share the same sense of humor and delight in the absurd. Connie started writing a tongue in cheek spy story, but “wouldn’t it be hilarious if…” notions resulted in a secret society, mysteries in Romania, supernatural creatures, feisty romance, and a clear homage to The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The sequel that we’re working on right now is even more double-dog-daring—and hopefully just as funny.

One of our favorite aspects of a good story—whether it’s a book, TV show, or movie—is meeting and falling in love with the characters. We both enjoy protagonists who pop out of the page, slightly larger-than-life, but who you can still relate to as if they were real people. We also have a deep, abiding love for a more-than-healthy dose of snark and banter. In real life we each have husbands who keep us on our toes with loving sarcasm and clever word-play. Our characters are no different. Keller Key is a bit of an ass and a playboy used to getting by on his charm and looks. Sevastyan Song is efficient, determined, and lethal—and incredibly judgmental about his unwanted partner’s seeming laziness. Snark-o-rama ensues!

Top Things You Can Expect in a Bekins & Bailey book:

  • Banter, so much banter, all of the banter, seriously
  • Conspiracy – because sometimes bad guys lie
  • Unusual/mythological international locations
  • Good Guys versus Bad Guys, with none of this grey-area ambiguity
  • Heart-felt confessions of love and loss
  • Light-hearted sexy times
  • Magical abilities that turn out to be surprisingly useful
  • Mysterious Watchers – Will they help or hinder our heroes?
  • New To This Whole Falling In Love For Reals-thing/The First Time You Open Your Heart Is Scary
  • Secret Societies – because some conspiracy theories are actually true
  • Supernatural creatures – mermen, wizards, vampires, shape-shifters, and whatever else might be out there going bump in the night
  • Unapologetic alliteration, puns, hyperbole, and oh so much word-play

Song and Key is the first ever category romance we’ve written, not just as a partnership, but for both of us, full stop. We each approach writing as play, rather than work, but we do enjoy a challenge. Adjusting to the ins and outs of this genre was definitely a challenge for us, but we had so much fun that we’re planning to do it at least two more times!

The Men from GLEN

Dreamspun Beyond | #11

So-called monsters won’t hold these spies back!

For two secret agents on a mission to a secluded Romanian village, the toughest fight they face may not be against the folktale monsters lurking in the foggy mountains and old ruins, but against their unlikely attraction to each other.

Keller Key is the top operative at the covert Global Law Enforcement Network—and boy, does he know it. Sexy half-Ukrainian, half-Korean Sevastyan Song is a close second. When the agents go undercover to investigate an old friend’s suspicious death, it soon becomes clear something sinister is afoot in the ancient forest and decrepit abbey. If an evil organization doesn’t spell the end of them, the angry locals might. But if they’re going to conquer their enemies, they need to keep their hands off each other and their minds on the case, in a rivals-to-lovers paranormal mash-up that gives new meaning to spy-on-spy action.

Available January 2, 2018 from Dreamspinner Press:


Amazon UK:

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About the Authors

Alix Bekins lives and writes atop a treacherous hillside in the Santa Cruz mountains. Her days start with a cup of proper British tea and end with knitting while watching TV. In real life, Alix is a no-nonsense, judgmental-eyebrow, whip-cracking admin whose turn-ons include glitter nail polish, hiking, dogs, chocolate, and sensual walks in the rain. Without the rain, because that sounds cold.

Alix is pretty sure she’s the only person in the world who wears a plastic Viking helmet as a thinking cap when she battles writer’s block. She always wins.




Connie Bailey is a Luddite who can’t live without her computer. She’s an acrophobic who loves to fly, a faultfinding pessimist who, nonetheless, is always surprised when something bad happens, and an antisocialite who loves her friends like family. She’s held a number of jobs in many disparate arenas to put food on the table, but writing is the occupation that feeds her soul.



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