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Son of Money by Brandon Witt

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Thank you so much for stopping by to check out an excerpt from my latest novel, Son of Money, out tomorrow, July 11.  This novel is a little different for me.  A lot less angst, a lot more soap opera type drama, and a few twists and turns on the way to romance.

In Son of Money, Randall Morgan is the son of one of Seattle’s wealthiest families. His socialite mother is constantly flitting from one charity to the next. Her current cause is the Seattle Humane Society.  In this scene, Randall’s mom is welcoming the crowd to their Fourth of July fundraising gala. At her insistence, Randall brought a ‘date’ to the function.  However, a few days before, when he adopted a pet dog, he ran into his first love, Noah Carroll, whom he hadn’t seen for around twenty years. Since running into him at the rescue, Randall hasn’t been able to think about anything else.

“Thank you again, everyone, for coming out this evening to spend the Fourth of July with us.” She paused as the crowd gave a polite round of applause. “I’m thrilled to announce that thanks to your willingness to join with me this evening, we have raised one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars for the Seattle Humane Society.” More applause, but Mom cut them off quickly. “Let’s not celebrate yet. That was simply the cost of your dinners and the upcoming fireworks show.” She gave a throaty laugh, which came across as relatable and charming, yet businesslike. I had to give it to her—she knew what she was doing. She always did. “By the time you leave this evening, I hope that your hearts have been touched and your wallets convinced to do some good outside of ourselves. But I know I’m not the one to convince you to do that. So if you’ll please welcome the new face of the Seattle Humane Society, Noah Carroll.” Lifting her hands to clap as she stepped away from the microphone, Noah emerged from behind the band and took her place.

Though the rest of the guests were clapping, even the members of my family and Stewart, I lifted my hands but held them in midair. They refused to move any farther as the name my mother announced sliced through my brain.

If I hadn’t heard it, I wouldn’t have recognized him. I had to squint to believe it. Gone was the white T-shirt and jeans and the man bun. Noah stood in front of the crowd, tall and sophisticated in a classic black suit, black shirt, and white tie. His beard was trimmed and perfectly shaped. His long hair could have been his only giveaway, but even it had been tamed, swept back from his face in a thick mane that fell in clean waves to the nape of his neck. He no longer looked like Jesus, but Brad Pitt getting ready to accept his award at the Oscars.

“Wow, he’s really….” Stewart looked over, and his voice trailed off.
I tore my gaze away from Noah to look at him. “Sorry, what?” His eyes narrowed. “Do you know him?”
“Um, yeah, from a long time ago.” Without waiting for more of a response, I refocused on Noah.
I tried to listen to what he said. I really did. I was sure it was great.

All about helping poor defenseless animals and what a difference the donations from the night would make. I could tell from the crowd’s response they were thoroughly charmed. As if from a distance, I heard them laugh from time to time.

Despite Noah’s low, warm voice issuing from the speakers, I didn’t catch one damned word.

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Randall Morgan, youngest son of one of Seattle’s wealthiest families, rejected his family’s money to live free of their control and pursue his career as a photographer. To make ends meet, Randall does erotic photography and massage—a secret he keeps from his family so he can remain a part of his young niece’s life. But the price of that relationship is high, and Randall is once more slipping under his family’s thumb.

Noah Carroll is the spokesperson for the Seattle Humane Society, and the city holds a special place in his heart. When fate intervenes during a pet adoption, Noah finds himself face-to-face with his first love—Randall.

While Noah and Randall are not the teenagers they once were, the flame of a first kiss long ago draws them together. Their romance is beginning to grow, but someone is out to destroy Randall and expose all he keeps hidden.

When secrets and rumors thrust Randall into the public eye, his relationship with Noah isn’t the only thing that comes under threat.

Genre: Contemporary


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Review by Claire Potterton

This author’s books push all my buttons. The storylines are engaging and beautifully written, the MCs are vibrant, endearing, and superbly developed. This book is no different.

Randall and Noah work so well together, hanging on to feelings for one another from their early teens. A magical, unforgettable kiss that has stayed with them for so many years. Their relationship is inevitable, but the road they have to take and the challenges they face in order to get their happily ever after makes for one hell of a read. Despite pressure from Randall’s foul family and from the media, and the melodrama that seems to come with excesses of money and privilege, they stick together, fighting for what is important….them.

This is a sweet, sexy, angst you, emotional, frustrating and romantic read. A little different from Mr Witt’s usual stories, but superb nonetheless

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Meet Brandon Witt

Brandon Witt

Brandon Witt’s outlook on life is greatly impacted by his first eighteen years of growing up gay in a small town in the Ozarks, as well as fifteen years as a counselor and special education teacher for students with severe emotional disabilities. Add to that his obsession with corgis and mermaids, then factor in an unhealthy love affair with cheeseburgers, and you realize that with all those issues, he’s got plenty to write about….


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