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Something about Age and Fertility

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After being married for a while now and you are the verge of making an exciting decision of your lifetime. Planning for pregnancy is not as easy as it sounds. You may be clouded with lots of thoughts whether it is the right time or whether you are too late.

Whatever the decision is you should ideally understand there are certain things you need to consider before getting onto that plan. You must be in your late 20s or your early 30s when such a decision has to be taken. Understand your fertility health before you actually kick-start with your pregnancy planning. If you are one of those women wondering how fertile get a fertility test done. One of my friends was 32 when she actually started to think of pregnancy. The first thing she did was to visit a fertility center in Pune to get her fertility health checked. The result has she had some problems with her ovaries and she underwent a minor surgery and in two months she was pregnant. This happened because she was aware of her reproductive health and then took proper treatment at the right time. Hence is very important to know yourself better before you get into the playground.

Your age is definitely going to affect fertility. There is no change in that. But you can bring about a change by knowing your reproductive health levels. In India, women age 35 can easily give a natural birth. But after 35, complications like miscarriage, infertility, PCOD increases. Though PCOD happens at early stages of life, an untreated PCOD can lead to permanent damage to our health.

From a historical perspective, it is better to start planning for pregnancy before you are 35. This will reduce the risks associated with age and infertility. This proposition is valid only for women. Male fertility is little longer than women but it is very prone to infertility due to lifestyle options which many men choose. Men can be fertile until the age of 50. Old men may have children with disabilities and women conceive through older men may experience miscarriages.

When you are older and trying for pregnancy, there are high chances that you may have multiple pregnancies. This will lead to higher chances of non-identical twins. Also, when you are older, your chances of becoming infertile increases than you were young. The weakening of the uterus also leads to miscarriages.

If you are a couple who already had the first kid and looking for a second one, then secondary infertility is something you should be aware are off. The best solution for all these is getting to a fertility clinic in Chennai or any city you are from and a get a fertility check done.

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