Snailmate shares a bombastic new track “Trash, Baby”

Written by Divine Magazine

Genre thrashing duo Snailmate have returned with a new hard- hitting single and accompanying creative video. Called “Trash, Baby” the two have concocted an explosive track all about “struggling with feelings of validation and inadequacy.”

“Trash, Baby” features what we all have known and love from the dynamic twosome, striking synths, driving drums and heightened vocals. Their mix of hard rock, hip hop and synth pop make for an unforgettable listening experience. “Trash, Baby” is another song where the duo contemplate mental health struggles, with this one particularly being about trying to overcome negative thought patterns as well as trying not to self sabotage.

Snailmate are Phoenix based and have been known to constantly tour playing upwards of over a thousand shows. The duo use their music for good, making a Snailmate show a safe space and promoting mental health awareness as well as LGBTQ+ rights.

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