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Sizzy Rocket releases video for “Bad Kids” produced by Scissor Sisters’ Babydaddy

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Sizzy Rocket has released the video for her new single “Bad Kids”, a collaboration with Scissor Sisters’ Scott Hoffman (aka Babydaddy).

The track is from her forthcoming debut album Thrills, out next Spring on Yebo Music.

Watch the video here:
“‘Bad Kids’ is my New York. It’s a Sid Vicious-level angsty punk anthem with a pink pop song bow on top,” explains Sizzy. “I wrote it with Scott Hoffman of the Scissor Sisters and he’s really good at bringing out that Electro Clash, vibrant energy in my music. I’m so comfortable around him in the studio I can talk about hickeys and sex in the backseats of cars, messy teenager shit. ‘Bad Kids’ is about feeling that demon inside of you, that urge to fuck shit up, and knowing you’re not alone because I feel it too.”

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