Simple Tips and Tricks for Sustainable Spring Cleaning

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As L.M. Montgomery noted in Anne of Avonlea, “That is one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.” The beginning of a new season—especially one that represents renewal and refreshment—is a natural occasion to savor what’s significant and spruce up your surroundings.

Whether you’re stepping up your housekeeping, taking your organizational skills to the next level, or revamping your interiors, there’s no time like the present to appreciate the wonders of mother nature and freshen your space. Read on for a few simple tips and tricks for sustainable spring cleaning. Let’s take better care of the environment with these eco-friendly practices.

Back to Basics: Use Natural Cleaning Products

One of the simplest tips for sustainable spring cleaning is switching to all-natural cleaning solutions. Using greener cleaning methods is good practice for avoiding unnecessary waste and reducing toxic product use.

Creating your own refillable chemical-free cleaner is a cinch—you only need a few items to make a standard all-purpose solution. How? Simply mix one-part vinegar with one-part water in a glass spray bottle. You can also use reusable rags or old t-shirts instead of paper products. These basic approaches to seasonal housework benefit the planet and leave your interiors squeaky clean.

Clear the Clutter: Rehome or Re-Purpose Household Items

Reducing one’s eco-footprint (and stress levels) is simple by downsizing or minimizing distractions in your home. Spring is the perfect time to clean out your home and reduce household clutter. Be sure to recycle or rehome any belongings in a functional condition.

Donating and handing down items gives them new life and keeps them out of landfills. You can also get crafty by repurposing various everyday objects in your own home. For example, you can use glass jars as cups, assorted brush holders, or storage containers.

Focus On Energy-Saving Opportunities

Sustainability is about more than natural cleaning products, recycling efforts, and reduced water usage. Household energy consumption is a significant contributor to one’s carbon footprint. Spring is a wonderful time to complete energy audits or capitalize on the benefits of energy-efficient electrical revamps at home.

While in spring-cleaning mode, you can bring life, comfort, and fresh value to your abode while reducing your energy usage. With a bit of thought and an eco-friendly mindset, you and your family can learn to live green all year.

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