Simple Money Saving Tips For Travel Beginner

When you decide to save your money for a hard-earned break which includes getting on an aeroplane and travelling to another country, you might find that money can be an obstacle and can cause stress if you aren’t able to afford your ideal destination. Everything may seem to cost more than you imagined it would, and it’s difficult to see how you’re going to afford your trip of a lifetime. 

But if you’re a bit sensible, realistic and follow some money-saving tips you might find yourself at the beach quicker than you can say “sun cream.” 


Before you even pack your case there are things to consider when it comes to luggage, the costs of having too many items in your case can be huge, especially if it isn’t booked beforehand with the airline. So what can you do about this? Well, first things first is to make sure you aren’t packing anything more than essential items. Don’t pack four pairs of shoes when you only need two, don’t pack 4 towels when the hotel provides them, only take small travel bottles of toiletries (or buy them when you get there), and most of all try not to take all the ‘just in case’ items that you think will be great for IF you need them. Most of the time, these things are never required, and unless you’re travelling to the jungle, you will always be able to buy anything you need in the local stores. 

Shop Around

The best way to find the best South America travel deals is to shop around, the best way to find the best deals for anything by shopping around. Picking the first option that presents itself doesn’t bode well, even though it might save a little bit of time, it’s really not the most economical way to sort your travel arrangements. Asking around a bit will help with this as well, social media is fantastic for sharing knowledge so put a tweet out and see what recommendations people can give you about and who they have used in the past. You might even find some vouchers online that will reduce your costs even further! 


We all know that the currency exchange rates change daily, but many people wait for precisely the right time before changing their currency. It can always make a difference looking at the prices carefully and seeing if there are any incentives at different bureaus. They can’t change the exchange rate on the day, but sometimes they will give you a 0% commission if you shop in the right places. Exchange rates can be vastly different depending on the country, and some people even choose their destination knowing that once they land, everything will work out cheaper for them! 

There are plenty of other ways to save money on travelling depending on the size of your party, what time of year you are choosing to go and the mode of transport but remember that preparation is crucial and you should always take your time with decisions to avoid regret further down the line. 

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