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Silken by Isobel Starling

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Silken by Isobel Starling

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About the Author
Inspiration strikes at the strangest of times. 
Born in Germany, I spent most of my twenty-year professional career making art. I relocated to the UK and faced with the dreaded artist’s creative block, I started to write and found I loved it more than making art.
My first novel “Fall Together” was a bestseller in the GLBT-Bisexual genre on the ‘All Romance e-books’ site. I have just completed my sixth book and signed French translation rights for the whole Shatterproof Bond M/M series. 
My greatest love is writing M/M relationships, and I hope one day to actually finish the fantasy novel that I put ‘to rest’ three years ago.

Publication Date
February 17, 2017
Matthew Fisher loved being a dancer, but his ten-year ballet career came to an abrupt end with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. He had to find a new job, and luckily, his sister was friends with Annabelle Ramsay-Aiken, only daughter of property magnate Sir James Aiken. She arranged an interview, he was accepted, and six months on the job training saw Matthew stepping out as a real estate agent for Aiken Luxury Lettings. Now, instead of stretching at the barre, Matthew spends his days inspecting the vacant London homes of their rich and famous clients. 

Loosing his dance career had left a huge hole in Matthew’s heart, and to fill it Matthew began a Tumblr blog dedicated to his fetish for wearing lingerie. He wanted to give his followers the impression he lived a charmed life, so decided to use A.L.L properties as locations for erotic photo shoots.

One of his online followers pressed all of Matthew's buttons, and a long distance, online Dom/sub relationship develops between them. But when the relationship suddenly moves from online fantasy to real life... can Matthew really submit?

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Highly seductive
Silken and Austin or was it Matthew and....

They never met but had a Dom/s relationship and it worked... 
Silken former ballet dancer injured his knee and will never dance as before so he gives his life a turn. He works as a inspector of empty mansions and apartments from wealthy people who are gone for a time being.
And....he also is been prepared to be a full sub and anticipation to meet his Dom is killing him. But he is a good sub and follows every instruction.
Austin comes from a corner which is just delightful, I really loved it. I'm not gonna tell because that gives away a significant part of the story. Ahhh to have such a Dom is a dream come true.

Oh my gosh this was a hyper intense erotic read.
It's highly seductive. Lace and silk stockings on elegant hard body and beautiful diamond butt plugs. Powerful demanding eyes and thick lashes. Physically muscular strong and lean and graceful bodies. I could go on because this read is full of it.The eroticism dripped everywhere. It crackled of sensual electricity.
But damn it made me cry and I never wanted it to end. This is what i call 'intense and sensual'

Highly recommend to the ones who love some delicious voyerism, cross dressing but also delicate sensual read. Which is written in a strong and heartwarming way. I loved it!!
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