Shades Lawrence Speaks From The Heart In New Track “I Do”

Written by Divine Magazine

Shades Lawrence is a Montreal-born alternative hip-hop artist of mixed British, Jamaican, Irish and Scottish descent. Honouring a tradition of spoken word, she is a pure lyricist; her words uplift, while keeping environmental justice at the forefront.

She collaborated with a medley of producers—THAIBEATS, Yonas-K Beatz, Syndrome, DJ Pain 1, Rob Kelly, Mantra, SPECDRXM, SHRN—on new album, Trust Takes Time, out February 11th. Speaking from her heart, the LP has one clear message: love endures.

Shades’ inspiration was born from “a desire to say ‘thank you’ to someone who helped me during a challenging time in my life.” Some of those significant reflections can be heard on the sincere track “I Do.”

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