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Seven Minutes by Grace Kilian Delaney

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Seven Minutes by Grace Kilian Delaney

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 Grace Kilian Delaney lives somewhere in paradise—mentally. In the wee hours of the morning, and with an audience of a dog and two cats, she writes about hot and horny men. Thankfully the animals don’t care if she talks to herself, which she does albeit quietly as to not wake her husband. When not writing words, Grace can be found composing music, pretending she’s an opera singer, playing piano, twisting herself into yoga positions, or sweating it out at the gym. 
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December 07, 2016
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epub, mobi, pdf
13 978-1-63477-817-6
Heavy metal singer Stone Manson never acknowledged his attraction to men. But when he meets sexy cross-dresser Devon at a party and ends up paired with him for a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, he can’t deny his reaction. His confusion leads him to mess up—big time—with Devon, but after some soul-searching, he decides to do everything in his power to show Devon how he feels.
Devon doesn’t make a habit of dating closeted men, and he isn’t about to be anyone’s experiment. It’ll take a lot to convince him that Stone is serious about a relationship, but Stone is certainly giving it his best effort—and Devon is warming up to the idea of the hot, tattooed rock star in his bed, and maybe even in his life. And when a threat from Devon’s past reemerges, Stone might offer just the support Devon needs to get through it. 

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Sweet, sexy, and fun
This is a terrific story, short enough to read on a cozy afternoon. It should hit the high notes for people who enjoy “you’ll know it when the right one comes along” tales.

Stone and Devon are a pretty unlikely couple, but it’s precisely because they don’t fit the usual molds that they work perfectly. I’m not usually a fan of the “manly man” type, but Stone wears it so well it’s impossible not to like him. He wants to be this bad boy, but he isn’t. I’m a sucker for “hardened with a heart of gold,” so he won me over.

As much as I like Stone, Devon is my favorite. He’s gender variant, and he doesn’t fall into a stereotype of what that’s supposed to look like. He’s a treasure. The two of them are so absolutely right together. On the surface, they look like they might fall into stereotypes, and yet they never do. Stone might be a gruff guy-guy, but he’s also sensitive and a bit emotionally needy as someone just discovering himself. Devon’s got confidence in spades, and his cross-dressing and femininity don’t ever turn him into a woman stereotype stand-in.

My favorite thing here is that Stone and Devon both save each other, yet neither of them is a white night. They show each other what it means to be both soft and strong, and when it comes down to it, they’re able to draw on each other’s support to stand up for themselves. That’s the best kind of relationship.

For a sweet and sexy romance, lovable characters, and just the right touch of humor and fun, this gets 5 stars.

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