Seven Ideas For Vacations With A Difference

If you’re off on vacation, but don’t want to do the same old vacation activities of lying on the beach and shopping for souvenirs, why not try something a bit different? From local attractions to adventure activities, there’s more to vacation than the pool. 

  1. Go on a retreat. Yoga and meditation retreats are becoming increasingly popular. These breaks from the stress of modern life can be a great way to relax and learn some new ways to ease stress when you get home. If you’re a yoga fan back home, a yoga retreat is a great way to learn more about your favourite hobby.
  2. Teach languages abroad. Travel at the same as educating others in your language and culture. Teaching languages abroad is a great option for people to spend some time abroad and fund their travels. Languages in the most demand are usually English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. 
  3. Go boating. A boat trip is a fun way to see a place at a more leisurely pace. Life on the water is slower, so you can relax as you travel and just admire the scenery. Make different stops on your trip to visit places you might not have found if you were travelling on land. 
  4. Consider house sitting. If you’re travelling on a budget, you could get your accommodation for free by signing up to be a house sitter. Look after someone’s home and pets, and get to enjoy their local area while you’re there. House sitting like this very popular in Australia and New Zealand in particular, but is starting to catch on in other countries too. 
  5. If you’re good with children or considering a career in childcare or teaching, why not go abroad as an au pair? Many parents like to hire au pairs from other countries so their children can learn another language and about another culture. You’ll be earning, boosting your CV, and getting to live like a local. 
  6. Take a cooking course. This is a great vacation pick for foodies. Whether you just book a lesson or go on a whole cooking retreat, learning some local dishes makes for a good souvenir of your time away. It’s also a great way to learn about where you’re staying and understand the local cuisine. 
  7. Choose an active vacation. If you’re an active sort at home, chances are you won’t really enjoy a vacation lying on a sunlounger. Try a more active trip, like hiking, walking or cycling. This could be a great way to some beautiful scenery, make new like-minded friends and keep up the active things you like at home. Try a new activity, like surfing, or go to a camp to develop a sports skill like tennis. 

Choosing something a little different on vacation or considering a working vacation, you can make incredible memories and have an experience unlike any vacation you’ve ever been on. It’s a great way to try something new, learn more about another culture, meet interesting people and have a fun experience. 

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