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Settling Down by Nicole Forcine

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It’s been six months since Tim and Jae got together, and they’re giving Domestic Discipline an honest try. But when conflicting events conspire to interrupt their life, Tim starts to fray at the edges. He’s doing his best to handle everything, but he still struggles with unaddressed issues, both past and present. And seeing Tim trying to hold it together is breaking Jae’s heart.

There has to be a breaking point, and when it arrives, it’s Jae’s turn to take the reins, to provide them both with what they truly need.

Little Earthquakes: Book Two

Settling Down

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Exlusive Excerpt #2 (Mug):

Tim was quiet for far too long. Seconds passed, then a minute. Jae cleared his throat. “How does that make you feel, Tim?”

The answer came quick. Good. “Betrayed. Angry, no. Pissed. Scared. What if he finds out? What if it comes back to me? That violates the order. He can sue me. I’ll lose everything.”

As Tim talked he started to shake. Jae stepped forward, coming closer as Tim continued to babble, his voice growing louder. “Why? Why did you do this? I would have been fine otherwise. No one had to know. How fucking dare you!”

Jae kept his voice level. “Because you’re my responsibility, remember? Your care is my priority, and it’s obvious you’re not ‘fine.’ You’re so far from fine that you’re going to fall the fuck over at the mere mention of his name. That is not fine.”

“And how does this protect me? He doesn’t even know that I’m yours. Or anyone’s. Not that he’d believe me if I told him.”

Good, Tim was still “his.” “He’ll know, alright. And if that makes him mad, then I’m here for you. You are not alone in this. Not anymore.”

Tim flinched when Jae put a hand on his shoulder. “Put the mug down.”

Jae wasn’t expecting Tim to jerk away from his touch, glaring with white-hot anger. Neither one of them seemed to expect the mug to hit the floor and shatter. Tim’s rage immediately turned into shock, surprise, and he looked up at Jae for something.

Guidance. The one thing Jae had been denying him.

Meet Nicole Forcine

Nicole Forcine was born a strange child and former Georgia peach. When she was younger, she was never far from a composition book, a pen in hand, and way too many people in her head (she’s even been known to talk back to them). When two or more of them talk loud enough to overshadow the rest, a story is born. After years of writing and storing her tales in those books, she had a revelation: man, there are a lot of dudes kissing in these stories. Her stories include themes of creating families of choice, how love can come in all forms and supersede all boundaries, and the joys and sorrows of earning a happily-ever-after. Currently, she resides in Minneapolis with one of the most laid-back men in history and his even more laid-back cat. When she’s not writing (ha!), she’s saving the world/galaxy/humanity as we know it in the world of video games and general geekiness.


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