Sela Tox 10 is a good alternative to Botox

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Sela Tox is a popular alternative to classic Botox injections. This is a South Korean botox serum, which has in its composition a huge amount of active ingredients.

One of the main ingredients is acetyl hexapeptide, which acts much softer than botulotoxin, but no less effective. After injections of Sela Tox, wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes more toned, with an even color and without black spots.

Sela Tox 10 also known as “botox applied to the skin”, this CSBio product contains acetyl hexapeptide, an amino peptide. This plant derived amino acid helps to tighten the skin, remove existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming.

Due to the content of acetyl hexapeptide in Sela Tox 10, it works in a similar way to botulinum toxin, as it works great for improving the condition of the skin. In addition, you can not be afraid of side effects, such as skin irritation, since this product is hypoallergenic. Once injected, Sela Tox 10 acts quickly and as a result strengthens, regenerates and protects the skin from damage while providing a brightening and moisturizing effect. In addition, the product reduces the size of enlarged pores and fine lines, improving complexion.

Key Benefits of Sela Tox 10

1. Security. Due to the fact that the product is non-toxic, it does not cause unwanted reactions of the body.

2. Contains a huge amount of active ingredients. The combination of active ingredients leads to complex rejuvenation.

3. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This speeds up the process of cell renewal.

4. Provides a long-term result in the correction of age-related changes.

Look at the effect of selatox before and after use. You will be impressed with the results.

Features of use

SelaTox is often used to eliminate wrinkles and tighten the skin on the face and neck. The introduction of the agent is very simple – the superficial dermal layers. And for best results, it is recommended to use this product in conjunction with hyaluronic acid.

The principle of application is very simple, but before starting treatment, make sure that the area to be treated is cleaned and disinfected.

1. Shake the vial well.

2. Apply a thin layer of the product to a clean face.

3. Wait 1-3 minutes for the product to be absorbed.

4. Apply another layer of SelaTox to the face and use the Hydra Stamp to inject the product. Follow the lines

in the image below for best results.

5. Use one 5ml vial per treatment and repeat this treatment every 1-2 weeks.

It is not recommended to use this medication on its own. You should also consult with your doctor first.

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