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Scrooged Over by David Connor

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Scrooged Over by David Connor

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2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug series
About the Author
My 7th grade English teacher told me I should be a soap opera writer when I grow up. I have always made up stories. Even before I realized I was doing it, I was playing pretend, creating elaborate characters and situations I acted out with my sisters and friends. (We've all done that!) I would sit with catalogs in a quiet room and make up tales to go along with the pictures. I had my favorite pages in the JC Penney or Sears books for sure, the handsome gentlemen who would ask the pretty ladies on dates from a few pages back. My stories have changed a little since then. :) I would add more story to the picture books my mother read to me or I read to myself. I was always thrilled when a teacher would say "Write a story about...." I even dream fiction. I have vivid, adventurous dreams every night, some of which are worked into my works. My imagination never rests. I always loved soap operas. I watched "Another World" after school with my mom. She got home from work partway through, and I would fill her in on what she missed. I would write out my own stories, which she would read, as far back as my early teens. Soap opera writing has always been my dream job. I dipped my toe on those waters a little a bit, and then I found Dreamspinner Press. Romance novels are a lot like soaps. The connection of the couple is part one. Then, there is something that keeps them apart and something drawing them together. I am living my dream.
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December 01, 2016
For dueling radio hosts Deke and Dudley, the battle over Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving. Deke hates the whole season. Dudley is a yuletide overachiever. They put their debate to a vote, inviting audience members to weigh in. The loser must go on a blind date of the winner's choosing. Dudley decides he wouldn't mind taking the loss, if his blind date, picked by Deke, turns out to be Deke himself. As Christmas gets closer, not only does that fantasy seem unlikely, but everything that can go wrong for Dudley does, including malfunctioning decorations, rancid cookies, and a lost pile of hundreds of handwritten Christmas cards. Just days before Santa's arrival, Dudley's about to throw in the red and green towel and join all the haters. It'll take a miracle to change his mind…. 

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dynamic read
(Updated: December 01, 2016)
A very dynamic read. 
Dudley and Deke working together at a radio show.

Deke hates everything what has to do with Christmas and Dudley loves everything what has to do with Christmas. 
Dudley works hard to create a perfect Christmas for his gramps and himself it could be the last gramps will remember.
What he doesn't know Deke is trying to undermine his Christmas.

Dudley has an eye for Deke and doesn't know how he feels in return.
When they set up a blind date for the winner at a contest and Dudley will meet the blind date he hopes it will be Deke. But Christmas isn't working his way this year.
Who would have a finger in this....
Do know this is a Christmas story :) 

*A copy received by DreamSpinnerPress for a honest review*
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