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San Francisco based band Beautiful Machines

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Winner of the 2014 Independent Music Award for Album of the Year, Beautiful Machines released their much-anticipated second album, BRIDGES on June 17, 2016.

Bridges takes the band in a new direction, deepening their exploration of live analog/electronic music. The album is purposefully arranged to take the listener on a journey, like cycling through a Tron-grid landscape to launching into a euphoric stratosphere. Thoughtful, dynamic and full of rich powerful choruses, wide lush verses and tangential bridges, this album strikes a chord and “bridges” technology and emotion.

The 2nd of a trilogy and thematically bridging Disconnect : : Reconnect (2014) with its following concept album Singularity (2017), think of Bridges as an inter-dimensional gateway connecting a circuit or a thought. “Bridge symbolizes transformation and change,” describes frontman, Conrad Schuman.  “Before me was a bridge: transparent, beam of light guiding and accepting; stretching from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare to the jeweled vision of a life to start anew.”

Developing Bridges, Beautiful Machines cocooned in the frigid winter of 2015 in Europe, particularly Berlin, a city that inspires re-invention of such artists as Depeche Mode, U2 and David Bowie. Sampling sounds from CERN in Geneva, reverberating the famous halls of Hansa Studios in Berlin while our Black Star Bowie departed, breathing in the diverse art and electronic music culture all bled into and cultivated connections of curios creations.

Based in San Francisco’s Techa, Beautiful Machines takes on a modern futurist aesthetic, fused with their admiration for sci-fi elements, technology, philosophy and the individual creative mind. From Burning Man to San Francisco’s historical Great American Music Hall, each show is thoughtful and unique, featuring progressive visuals, costumes, interactive elements and audience engagement.


The band is comprised of a diverse group of musicians. Founder, Conrad Schuman is an American songwriter, vocalist and guitarist who experiments and infuses his pan-music study into his songwriting.  Philosophical-leaning, he writes lyrics and music about waking up as a society, reclaiming our power as free and creative beings, and about transcending the current out-of-balance humanity to embrace a more coherent and harmonious future.  Having toured Europe, Veli-Matti Matilla is a Finnish DIY drummer and programmer who designs and builds his own unique electronic drum kits and band visuals. Stef Ku is a Taiwan-American classically trained keyboardist, avant-garde soundscapist, and professional sound healer. Beautiful, intricate, technical and euphoric music, amazing light show, and inspiring live energy makes Beautiful Machines a band worth exploring deeply.

Where to find  Beautiful Machines

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