Samantha Margret Brings “The Party”

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Mirroring old Hollywood glamour with a flirtatious demeanor, alt-pop artist Samantha Margret has released her newest single, “The Party.” With subtle chirps of saxophone combined with hoppy lyrics, Margret creates a playfully clever and sophisticated piece of music perfect for a “love me” moment dancing in a night out. 

“The Party” is all about empowering that in which you indeed find joy for yourself. The nightlife scene has wholly taken a shift, so it’s essential we take advantage of this and find happiness from within. “It’s so easy to get drawn into what everyone else thinks is cool or trendy, but that’s not really how we find joy,” says Samantha Margret. This catchy song is all about finding your power and enjoying it even in the face of judgment and reminds us to tell ourselves: “I don’t have to go to the party; I AM the party.”

The song, produced by Samantha Margret herself and John Caviness, has some upbeat yet dark, sassy twist that will have you and your friends feeling yourselves. The horns for the song recorded live to create a striking twist, and the song’s synth energy and gripping effects on the background vocals bring it to life. “Where the lyrics and sound collide, the vocals communicate a feeling and communicate power, joy, and fun.”

Stream “The Party” here and visit her online at

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