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Sam Hale Releases New Single Can’t Take It

Sam Hale, photo credit Jenna Doolittle
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Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and producer Sam Hale has released his new single “Can’t Take It.”
Moody and cathartic, Hale’s latest is an introspective tale that lends a fresh perspective on toxic relationships and situations that keep us from moving forward. “We’ve probably all been in a relationship that was toxic for us, or held us back in some way, shape or form,” Hale explains. “‘Can’t Take It’ was written rather quickly at a time where I was able to take a step back from the relationship and look at things with an objective eye. It’s hard to be objective when your heart is invested in someone. This song was a great reminder to myself of what needed to be done…”

Built with rich layers of dreamy synths, heartbeat-like drums, and echoing vocals, “Can’t Take It” will bring listeners on a suspenseful uphill ride through pent up emotion before landing comfortably in an alleviating chorus that’s easy to sing along to.

Hale is currently preparing to release his new EP ‘Somewhere Between Love & War’, from which “Can’t Take It” is the second single. The project fuses his love for rock, blues, electronic, pop, and hip-hop in a way that appeals to his heart, and provides listeners with a window into his personal struggles while inviting them to experience his journey right along with him.

‘Somewhere Between Love & War’ is set to drop October 12, 2018.

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