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Salt Magic, Skin Magic by Lee Welch Release Day Review

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Salt Magic, Skin Magic

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About the Author
Lee Welch lives in a house on a hill in the windiest city in the world – Wellington, New Zealand. She shares the house with her partner, two kids and two cats. Hedgehogs visit occasionally, which makes her happy.

Lee wrote her first novel (an unpublished pastiche of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) when she was seven and has been writing on-and-off ever since.

She studied ancient history at Auckland University and creative writing at Birkbeck, University of London.

To pay the bills, she works as an editor and business communications adviser for a large government department. By night, she writes escapist fantasies, mostly m/m romances, usually with magic in them. She likes crumbling mansions, cavernous libraries, mysterious curses and handsome magicians.

When she’s not writing, she reads, especially fantasy, history, romance, biography, folklore, comics, and children’s books. Her favourite authors include Ursula Le Guin, Peter Ackroyd and KJ Charles.
Publication Date
August 09, 2018
Available Formats
mobi, epub
Lord Thornby has been trapped on his father’s isolated Yorkshire estate for a year. There are no bars or chains; he simply can’t leave. His sanity is starting to fray. When industrial magician John Blake arrives to investigate a case of witchcraft, he finds the peculiar, arrogant Thornby as alarming as he is attractive. John soon finds himself caught up in a dark fairytale, where all the rules of magic—and love—are changed. 

To set Thornby free, both men must face life-changing truths—and John must accept that the brave, witty man who’s winning his heart may also be about to break it. Can they escape a web of magic that’s as perilous as love?

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A New Favourite!


 Salt Magic, Skin Magic is one of those fantasy novels that takes you on a journey. It's the perfect blend of historical drama, mystery, and fantasy with just a touch of that hot chemistry that is suited to all genres. With intense drama, well rounded characters, and a mystery to solve, this story has everything you could ever ask for.

 Salt Magic, Skin Magic, by Lee Welch
 241 Pages

 Let's start with the simple stuff:
 POV: 3rd person, dual POV
 Would I read it again?: Of course!
 Genre: LGBT, Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic, Shifter
 Pairings: MM
 Heat Level: ★★★★☆

 Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty:
 What can I say? It's perfect. The moment I saw the cover, I knew this would be a book for me. Then I read the blurb, and I couldn't wait to get my greedy hands on it. Luckily, the author took pity on me and gave me a copy to read. It's been my pleasure to do that, to write a review, and to know that this is one of those books that I'll be adding to my bookshelf the minute it's available.

 I'm not going to say much about the plot, the characters or the writing. I usually do, but I don't have to. Because this book speaks for itself.
 There is elegance in the simplicity of the writing. The style of writing is right up my alley, from the attention to detail to the characterisation; the chemistry is off the charts, while remaining perfect for the main characters. Soren is a bundle of aristocratic ego and hormones, until his father pulls him down a peg or two, and he learns what's it really like to be alone. In contrast, you have John, who has the illusion of freedom from his magic but who is trapped in a world where his magic is unappreciated and belittled. Both have their struggles, both find what they've been missing in each other. Yet, through it all, there's a dash of romance, a sprinkle of mystery, and a whole heaving cast of people determined to get in their way.

 If you want magic – fairies, demons, salt that can talk – and a mystery that weaves through the entire lifetime of a character, with hints and clues sprinkled throughout their life that have remained unseen an unsolved, then this is the book for you. If you're a fan of historical romance, of a good mystery, of two unlikely men falling in love with each other, then this is the book for you. Hell, if you like to read, this is the book for you! Regardless of what genre you read, what type of story you like, pick this up and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

 The biggest compliment I can give it is that it's original, the author has talent up the wazoo and I swear that if another book with these characters came out at any point in the future, I would be first in line to buy it. It has that same intense feeling and charming historical chemistry that made me fall in love with Rowan McAllister's We Met in Dreams – if you loved that book as much as I did, this one will blow your socks off! I can't wait until they're snuggled up together on my bookshelf.


 Favourite Quotes

 “Last night he'd watched Thornby sleep and wondered why it felt as if his heart was exploding in a burst of tattered magic. It was true they'd been through a lot together. Thornby had saved his life. But the sweet ache of love? After a could of days' acquaintance one brief mutual tug?
 But was it love, or something else? John had been in love before, but this felt different. Stronger. Better. Worse. What if this was the beginning of some kind of mania?”
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