Rush in the Dark by Lynn Lorenz

Everyone loves a superhero, right? Me too. But when I decided to write my Common Powers series I thought about those people who don’t have a “super” power, but small, common powers. People who had a power that didn’t rule their lives. It might come in handy, it might be a pain in the butt, or it might put them in mortal jeopardy.

In the first book of the series, Soul Bonds, I created Sammi, a young man with the power to know what his lovers wanted because he could read people’s thoughts. Sounds good, right? But what if you’re a young man, lost in the foster system, who runs away only to fall into the clutches of the sex slave industry? You’d be the perfect sex slave—always knowing what your owner wanted, maybe even before he knew it. And in that story, Brian, the private investigator, showed up as Sammi’s lover Mitchell’s best friend, who has a power of his own.

In Rush in the Dark, Brian’s power is premonition. It’s not always clear, more of a feeling, but he can see snippets of the future. They are rarely wrong and for a PI, that can be a good thing. It’s not a super power, but it can come in handy. He can “feel” when someone is lying to him, sure, but it’s the visions that really help him, or in his own case, terrify him.

When Brian meets Rush, a drop-dead sexy cowboy in a dark alley, he’s fascinated and smitten.

“A man exited and let the door shut behind him, cutting off the music. Brian’s eyes widened, and all the blood rushed from his head straight to his cock. From the guy’s boots, up his long, black denim-clad legs and over a pair of broad shoulders that would put Brian’s to shame, this guy was every inch a cowboy. Shit, he even wore his black Stetson low on his forehead, letting Brian catch only a glimpse of a strong, rugged jaw and corded neck muscles that disappeared beneath a plaid flannel shirt and denim jacket.

As if posing just for Brian, the cowboy leaned against the building and propped the bottom of a boot flat on the wall, emphasizing a muscular thigh. From where Brian sat, he could hear the guy’s soft exhale and had to hold back his own sigh of appreciation.”

What Brian doesn’t know is Rush has a power of his own—he can see in the dark. Rush doesn’t know where it came from, he just knows he can switch his vision from normal to “nighttime” making the world around him clear as day…

“Rush eased his large frame into the rough-hewn log chair on the front porch of the ranch house, propped his boots on the railing and stared out into the darkness of the night. There were a million stars in the clear sky, and just a sliver of a moon. He closed his eyes, switched to night vision, then opened them.

The old female possum picked its way over the cattle guard five hundred feet up the road and meandered off to its home under the stand of oleanders Rush’s mother had planted over twenty years ago. An owl hooted from its perch on the limb of one of the live oaks that lined the long drive down to the highway. At the threat, the possum scurried to its den and disappeared below ground.”

 Two men, each with a common power, meet, fall, and yet fight against what draws them together. Brian is out and proud, not ashamed of who he is. Houston is a diverse city. But Rush, he’s deep in the closet in small town Spring Lake. He’s a rancher doing business and if anyone found out about him, well, his ranch, his livelihood and his friends could all disappear.

Rush wants what Brian is offering, but refuses to leave his ranch. Brian won’t go back in the closet, not even for Rush.

But Brian’s premonition will collide with Rush’s night vision. Either he’ll come out alive or Rush will kill him.

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lynn lorenz

Lynn Lorenz is an award-winning and best-selling author who grew up in New Orleans but currently lives in Texas, where she’s a fan of all things Texan, like Longhorns, big hair, and cowboys in tight jeans. She’s never met a comma she didn’t like, and enjoys editing and brainstorming with other writers. Lynn spends most of her time writing about hot sex with even hotter heroes, plot twists, werewolves, and medieval swashbucklers. She’s currently at work on her latest book, making herself giggle and blush, and avoiding all the housework.

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Rush in the Dark by Lynn Lorenz
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